Story of Sathya

I love my Blog

Story of Sathya
 I take on the baton of Blog Love from Aseem
Hello, people , I hope you all are doing great. It’s been a long time since I wrote something on my blog. It’s your motivation and constant encouragement that keeps me going. 
On the work front, I’m terribly busy. So busy that I don’t even have time to look back at the place that I loved visiting and that has to be my blog. It’s been this space on www where I spend most of my teen days and early twenties where my thoughts and ideas translated into stories. It’s in this place where I wrote some amazing stories and you guys appreciated it through wonderful comments that only inspired me to write more.  It’s the same place where I’ve also written some bizarre and weird stories.  Your presence pushed me up to a new level. I know it’s difficult to get back to Blogging once you climbed up the corporate staircase and hardly have time for yourself. I hate myself for the same reason that I’m not writing much these days and I abhor myself to the core.
This is the valentine’s week where lovers around the world would spend time with their loved ones by letting them know about their importance in their life.  So this blog post will be about my blog and why I love my blog. Blogging was once a trivial thing to me. It just started as a random experiment while I was fidgeting with my college computer during my database practical session. It was during those boring sessions that I chance upon a random blog. By then I never realised my hidden potential and it was writing. Writing came naturally to me while children of my age used to use Navneet Digest for English essays. Greta miss once told me that I should focus more on writing and asked me to mull over a different career as she thought that I had a great talent and I could really make it big in the writing world. But like any other Indian family, my life juggled between Engineering and Medicine because I was not given any other options. But I was excellent in studies too! I remember Greta teachers words when I started the blog. Since then I used to post my stuff online that include stories, poems, random ramblings and much more. I still remember the first story that I officially wrote. It was called ‘The Fourth Seat’ and was about a girl who was raised by her foster parents and later embarked on a journey to find her true parents in India. It was followed by many crazy stories. Now when I looked back at the old days I  feel sad because I had ample time in this world for things that I really loved doing and that was writing. 
I  remember that during those days when the blogger friends used to crib about blogging and not having much time. I usually used to snap their theories and tell them that if you love doing something then you would ensure that you would find time for it. It was unusual for me then because I was a student then! But now when I mull over the words that I once said, I feel annoyed at myself, may be I judged things too much. I really want to get back to regular blogging like blogging once in a week or so but sometimes we feel to realize that things never happen like we think. We cannot dictate terms and conditions to our brain.  It’s not designed in such a way and that’s why it is called as a complex organ. 
Another key factor is that I discovered many like minded people in the blog world with whom our thoughts sync. From the lot, many have turned on to be our great friends and many have even turned out to be best friends. Various blogging communities do have a crucial role in this and that role has always been a nice one.  I was once a member of an Israeli bloggers network and I’ve made some good friends there with whom I’m still in touch. That website got shut long ago and its owner is now a product manager at Facebook. I’m not feeling good at the moment as I’m suffering from fever and chill. I’m typing this from my mobile phone because I no longer find interest in blogging through my laptop. I even launched my laptop but my mind had some other plans and I had to destroy that plan and I am writing this bit through my mobile phone using an application called Evernote. 
Talking about blogging will be a never ending affair because I can go on and on for any duration. When I retrospect my good old days, I feel that life has been rude to me as it has snatched many things that I love or love to do. I may be irregular in blogging but I  would want to let you know that it is the best thing that happened in my life and I’m completely satisfied with it.  
I love everyone who lands on this page through Google search or through various social media networks. I want to express my sincere gratitude at this moment and thank you for always being there for me throughout this journey. I love my blog and everyone who has supported me in this journey. 

 I pass on the baton of Blog Love to Prateek Mathur

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