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Blog Makeover.

his is not the first time that I have changed the look of my blog…infact I have done it several times.So friends do let me know hows the new look of this blog.Infact I have worked for around 2 hours for making the corrections in code and manipulating the codes in the blogs html.I have introduced 2 side bars and expanded the header so that the header image occupies a sufficiently larger space.Also I have introduced tabs such as home,profile,orkut and facebook.Aslo a few more widgets like top commenters ,shoutbox,translators,and a search box.So, let me know about the new look and do leave me a comment to this message.

I was inspired by emila yosufs web page and jean chia’s blog which provoked me to make few changes tomy ordinary blog

This is exclusively done by modifying classic blogger templates.
Thank you!!
Also ,suggest me wheter do I need new widgets or something like that .

Remember ,
Change is the law of nature :).

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