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A tyre that can do it all

Remember the times when you took take care of your tyre, air pressure, monitored Wear & Tear, the spare tyre is in the right condition or not? While you were worrying about these issues, great minds and auto-enthusiast at Goodyear have come up with a tyre that is not a doughnut shape for starters.  Well, it’s a sphere!
The vision of the future tyre was presented by the tyre giant Goodyear in Geneva, Switzerland on March 1st, 2016 When they launched Goodyear Eagle-360.  Here is what the spherical future of future contains:

1.     Spherical shape for ultimate manoeuvrability and safety 
The shape is the key when it comes to offering the ultimate manoeuvrability by these tyres.  The tyres move in all directions and an active technology allows them to move as needed, which ensures enhanced passenger safety and elimination of sliding from any unseen obstacle. The shape provides a fluid and lateral movement ensuring effortless and smooth movement.

2.    Sensors ensure connectivity with car and increase safety
Most of us drive the cars fitted with a single set of tyres for all terrains. However Goodyear Eagle- 360 would be equipped with inbuilt sensors that register road conditions and terrains, including the weather of the area and then communicate the same to the vehicle to improvise the safety.  These sensors also regulate the wear of the tyre to enhance its mileage. The tyres have Goodyear’s tread wear and pressure monitoring technology, which will help communicate about the wear and result in better mileage. And because these are 3D printed they are also customizable based on the region they will be running in.

3.    Connected via Magnetic Levitation
This technology would mean less noise and more passenger comfort.  Goodyear Eagle-360 tyres would not be bolted to the car, instead, they would be suspended via a magnetic field. Hence, the driving experience of the future is going to be like a dream come true.
4.    A little bit of nature
Like many other innovative designs by Goodyear, Eagle-360 also has bio mimicry. They’re imitation of nature. It is actually a mimic of the pattern of a brain coral. The groove bottom of the tyre has the same elements as a natural sponge which gets stiff on dry conditions and softens up on wet roads to help deliver an outstanding experience. The texture of the tyre also absorbs the water on the surface, which is dislodged using a centrifugal force thus reducing the risk of aquaplaning.
All in all Goodyear’s Eagle-360 shows us the path of an innovative and futuristic automobile world that awaits. It sure deserves to be amongst TIME magazine’s ‘Best Inventions in the world’ for the year 2016. Surely a great time to witness this!

Now you are impressed with their innovative products, you shouldn’t miss participating their ongoing contest. All you need to do is watch Goodyear Eagle-360 video, take a selfie with Goodyear Eagle-360 tyre and share it on Goodyear’s ‘Facebook page’  OR  ‘Twitter handle’ using #GYEagle360 and tell them why you think they are innovative.  Entry with max likes and RTs, stands a chance to win gift vouchers worth Rs.1,000. 

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