Story of Sathya

Remembering God!

Story of Sathya
 I was sitting besides the window as some thoughts struck me hard. Aren’t we all turning selfish?  We knock doors only when we need something. Yes, it reflects from our actions. Its a fact that in this fast moving world where the cost of living has been increasing, we all have turned money minded. Remember those days when we were young and we all had time to visit  temples, churches, mosques etc. We had time to remember the holy almighty. Gradually we all turned selfish and eventually we started knocking his door only when we needed something from him. Holy father isn’t the one who should be remembered during our bad days. A true father doesn’t betrays his children. He will stand by you during your good times as well as your bad days.

I am one of the culprit too. But today I contemplated for a while. When I was in Noida for my work assignments, I  never visited church for I never knew where it was. After moving  back to Mumbai, I turned lazy. I only knocked his door during my worst days or  whenever I needed something from him. May be when I was attending an important job interview or I was deep drowned in depression. When I recall the disastrous days of  my past where I suffered from a dreadful disease, I knew I would be completely cured someday and it was this almighty lord who saved me. He is a true saviour but its just that we don’t remember him every time. Know that he is omnipresent and watching every single action of yours! I know he will forgive his children but all that he wants is to be remembered.  Would you not be offended if  you offer some help to someone during their worst days and when the  bad days subside and the person even refuses to talk to you. Wouldn’t that be the worst thing to do? Of course you would feel bad. Right? Just ponder for a minute and talk to yourself. Confine yourself to a room and switch off the lights. Close your eyes and think for yourself. What you are doing is right or wrong? You got no right to  be a selfish , opportunist who doesn’t cares for anyone. That’s how life is turning out to be for many of us. Atheists and Agnostics have different opinions! But as firm believer of Almighty’s existence, we need to do something. Looking at the ongoing events such as  accidents, wars, natural calamities it is obvious that the Almighty is vexed at us. You may be of  any religion ,but I believe in a single Almighty power. He is the supreme power who rules the planet. Different people call him by different names but go and honor him.

These days people have no time for their loved one’s. They have time for all kind of entertainments and time to have fun but wouldn’t it be great if they  take 10 minutes to talk to their loved one’s. God’s love is wonderful and powerful. He is the miracle maker. Be good from now on. I realized my mistakes and I pledge that today onwards I will reinstate my faith in good and love for him. For I had been blind  for most of the days in my life and today my eyes have opened. Father,forgive me for all my sins. I love you!

Remember him everyday and witness the miracles he  has planned for you!

Story of Sathya

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