Story of Sathya

Bestiality is illegal

Andy and Mandy met each other after almost 3 months.  They both were best of friends. They hugged each other tight when they encountered each other face to face. 
“Hey brother,” Andy started.
“Mandy man, long time, I am so happy to see you again.” He smiled at his best friend.
“So what’s up these days? Anything new happening?” Andy asked him.
“I’m having an affair with a chick,” Mandy announced.
“Brother, are you serious?” Andy asked.
“Yes man,” Mandy confirmed.
“But dude, Bestiality is illegal.” Andy laughed.

Mandy stood there perplexed for few minutes. Two minutes later he understood his point.
“Okay, my mistake. I am having an affair with a gorgeous woman,” he said and continued, “Damsel, princess, hottie and whatever you want to call it.” 
“But still Bestiality is illegal,” Andy said and poked fun at him.
And as usual, Mandy got irked and vexed.

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