Story of Sathya

Choo Mantra Kaali!

Mandy claims to be a magician in front of his friend who is a gorgeous girl. He wants to impress her so he comes with a new trick. His friend  asks him to prove that he is a magician and he tries to do something.

Mandy: Sweetheart ,I will make you vanish.
Gorgeous girl : Oh really!
Mandy : Choo mantra Kaali! Vanish!
Mandy :Choo mantra kaali, vanish, you beauty !
The girl displays a frown.
Mandy:(closes his eyes) Choo mantra kaali! Gorgeousness coupled with awesomeness go disappear.
She  gets pissed off and leaves the place
Mandy:(opens his eyes) oh she vanished. I  am a magician hahaha

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