Story of Sathya

Singaporean food: Delighting taste buds!

Being a Fashion Designer, I have to travel  across  different fashion destinations  for the  various collections – be it Spring/ Summer or  Fall/ Winter. Of course, at times a designer tends to get tired and so do I! They have their own ups and downs! But even then there are lots of perks of being a Fashion Designer. I have strolled across the globe in order to imprint signature clothes at various cities.Not to brag, when I look at people wearing the clothes designed by me, it brings great joy to my heart! There is happiness bubbling within me. My amour with fashion dates back to my glorious old days. I should say that I have met many people from different culture. The Latino’s love me! It amazes me for the amount of respect and value they have for my work. Every time I visit Brazil for the Sao Paulo and the Rio Fashion week, I often get greeted by different gorgeous looking models and different designers. This journey had been difficult but has been incredible! I had been walking through a rocky road with lots of challenges on my path. Several times I feared defeat and disappointment but every time I fret, there was something graceful that happened. It’s the love and the blessings of the people and almighty that keeps me motivated and encouraged. It feels awesome to be accepted by people across different walks of life! What  beguiles me is that every time I visit a place, they come to me and discuss about different fashion trends. Sometimes they would even advise me on my various designs.

 Currently I’m in Singapore! It’s been a very hectic weekend and the agency wants me to  to do a  Spring collection. In such a short notice, it generally becomes difficult for anyone to assemble things. I hadn’t slept last night. I had to give a successful show today! I had been researching about the Singaporean Fashion culture for a long time now! But somehow with the help of Sarah Wong I somehow managed to put a really good show. Sarah Wong is a popular Fashion consultant in Singapore. The agency had asked her to assist me. After an amazing show, the agency was happy and so were the guests who graced the Singapore Fashion Week with their presence!

“Singapore Spring collections 2015 – We nailed it Sarah,” I said, my lips curved into a pleasant smile.
“Yes, we somehow managed to put a great show,” Sarah Wong replied. She acknowledged me with an equally pleasant smile.

“I need to ask the agency to book my tickets back to India.” I said and continued, “It’s been a terrible month and I desperately need some break.”
Sarah smiled and said, “that’s not done! There are lots of things to  be explored in Singapore.”

“I agree Sarah but ….” I riposted.
“No buts! Go home after 3 days. You need to explore Singapore.” She said.
“Oh common Miss. Wong! How many times should I remind you that I am very much aware of Singaporean culture and places?” I winked.
“Allow me to be your tourist guide, Stephen!”  She took a sip of coffee and said,
“You might be aware of it but you are yet to know the best side of our country!” Her face brimmed with extreme happiness.
“And what is that?” I asked, curiously.

“Entertain your taste buds, Stephen! It’s high time; you need to explore Singaporean food!”

I thought for a while and after few minutes I decided to postpone my return to India by 5 more days.  She was blessed with the gift of gab and almost convinced me in staying back. It was a kind of a mini vacation for me before I head for a big vacation in India. I returned back to my hotel after visiting few stores in Singapore. There were many talented Fashion designers in Singapore and I’m awed by seeing the quality of their work! I had promised Sarah Wong that I would transform myself into a foodie for few days. It seems she was hell bent in transforming a designer to a foodie! But in either case I loved it!
The next morning Sarah’s call woke me up! It occurred to me after few minutes that I had over slept. I was supposed to meet Sarah Wong at the Chinatown Food Street. I quickly got ready by completing my shower. I dressed in a floral printed shirt and a blue Jeans!

“Nee Hao Stephen, Dzao!” Sarah greeted me in her local language as I met her.
“Is that Singaporean?” I curiously asked her. “That’s Chinese!”  She grinned.
“So whats our plan for the day?” I asked.
“We will be having our breakfast now and we will walk through the different food streets and may be try out the different cuisines. I hope you are not a vegetarian like most Indians,”she continued.

“I’m a hard core Non Vegetarian!” I retorted.
We entered a restaurant and ordered Roti Prata, Kaya Toast and Kopi O and Nasi Lemak.
“Roti Prata is kind of an Indianized food! The word Roti itself is enough to give you a clue!” she said.

The server served the breakfast. It was indeed incredible as my eyes scanned across the different dishes! I was assured of tasting various sumptuous delightful meals. Thanks to Sarah Wong!

Story of Sathya
Delicious Nasi Lemak Source –Click Here 

Interestingly we ordered two flavours of Prata. I ordered the Chicken Floss Prata and she ordered the Red beans Prata.  I also tried some from hers and it was equally delicious!
She also ordered Appam! I had tasted Appam in India.  But I loved Nasi Lemak. It was more kind of a lunch food but still I was hungry at that moment. It had some little bit of rice,beans, omelets or boiled egg, fish cake, prawns and fried fish with a touch of turmeric. It made me feel good! I gulped everything within few minutes. I also consumed the Kaya Toast, a spread with eggs, sugar and coconut milk, served with butter on a layer of toast. I sipped the rich aromatic black coffee. I loved all this. Sarah looked at me and giggled! I was going to witness the great Singapore Food Carnival in my 4 days stay at Singapore.
“Eat like a King, Stephen! Singapore won’t let you down when it comes to food!” she added.
“The bill is on me!” She said and  didn’t let me pay the bill though I didn’t want her to!
We strolled and visited few flea markets. We walked across the different streets. Few locals identified me as a Premier designer who walked with hot models in fashion shows.

As we walked further, an old man said to me,” Hey, I see you in Fashion TV….F TV… I see you, I see you talk  on Television  and walk with hot girls!”

I simply nodded and to avoid further embarrassment I walked further. Sarah couldn’t control her laughter. It was lunch time. We bumped into the Jeol Robuchon! It was a popular restaurant famous for Chinese and French cuisine! We ordered Hainanese Chicken rice and Laksa. Laksa is a popular dish amongst locals and even Sarah highly recommended me to taste Laksa. It consists of noodles, fish, prawns, cockles, chopped red beans, sprouts served in spicy coconut based soup.  It is also served with sambal chilli garnished with laksa leaves. 

I digged a part of the  dish  with  a spoon and consumed it. I could experience something fresh and new. For a moment the prawns, cockles  and the  fish danced inside my mouth. It made me feel ecstatic. The red beans  equally contributed in this food jig as I enjoyed every bit of it. Tears of happiness rolled down my cheeks as Sarah looked at me.

“Hey, you okay?” She asked me.

“Yes, I’m! This food reminds me of my momma’s food” I replied.

“See, Singaporean dishes also reminds you of your Momma’s food. That’s our specialty!” She winked.

And it also  tasted yum with Otak Otak!

Story of Sathya
Yummy Laksa – Image Source

For the next 4 days, Sarah took me across different places across Singapore to witness the pure Singaporean food! I was transforming into a perfect foodie. For the 4 days we tried many interesting dishes like – Ayam Buah Kelauk, Nasi Padang, Rojak, Chilli Crab, Redang, Hakka Yong Tau Foo, Bak Kut Teh, Satay, Carrot cake etc.

We also had different flavours of cheese cakes and mocktales. Singapore is indeed a food capital. Sarah had rightly called Singapore as the first stop destination for different kinds of food. I tried few and my taste buds turned hyper active.

Once jokingly I asked Sarah Wong if I could take one of those Chefs to my home in India so that he could cook me some great Singaporean food, to which Sarah laughed and for a moment she couldn’t control her laughter.

“You will be responsible for my weight gain now.” I said to Sarah on phone as I stood at the airport waiting for my flight. We spoke for another 25 minutes.
“Be proud that you got to taste Singaporean food! People do crave for such delicious yummy food!” she replied.
“I know that,” I said and continued, ” Laksa was delicious and so was Nasi Lemak..” I said.
She laughed and continued, “Do come back soon and you can have it!”

“Have a safe journey, Stephen! It was a great pleasure meeting you!” She said.
“Feeling is mutual, Sarah!” I said and wore the seat belt. ” Bye,” she said and disconnected the phone call.
I couldn’t stop thinking about Laksa and Nasi Lemak. I could imagine the prawns, fishes, cockles and the beans dancing in front of my eyes. I desperately wanted to eat these two dishes again. Laksa and Nasi Lemak are food rich in proteins. By now they have been my favorite and I even noted the recipes from the Chef who prepared that dish. How I wish I could taste that again!

“Would you like Tea or Coffee, sir?” the air hostess asked, smiling at me!
“I would prefer Laksa with chillies and Nasi Lemak,” I replied.
And she started laughing at me!
My love for Laksa and Nasi Lemak had grown new heights and boundaries!  But indeed Singaporean food is a great delight for foodies across the world.

Taj Mahal is for India,
Eiffel Tower is for France,
Statue of Liberty is for USA,
The Pyramids are for Egypt,
The great walls for China,
And for Singapore,

It is the great food that can rekindle taste back to your taste buds. It can entertain and redefine your taste! Delight your taste bud with great food from Singapore and rediscover the foodie in you! #FarMoreSingapore

And yes I love Laksa and Nasi Lemak! Yummmyyyyyy!

Story of Sathya

Story of Sathya

Story of Sathya

Story of Sathya

Story of Sathya

Story of Sathya

Story of Sathya

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