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Relocating from one place to another is actually a very difficult job and in case you are a bachelor then this task turns disquieting. Obviously there are lots of things that need to be considered while moving from one city to another.  There is one solution that I can provide you to meet this requirement. Why not use an application that is a one stop portal for everything. By one stop portal I refer to the site’s feature that lists everything ranging from transportation facility to house hold needs – everything in its website. Yes, I’m talking about Quickr. Quickr is the best application that could help you in such scenarios.

Story of Sathya
Quick can help you streamline your search

There are multiple things that goes by when you have to relocate to a different city. You need to find a place where you could live. So to rent out a house, you should first do some research about the place.  There are factors like rent price, location, transportation etc which should be primarily considered while looking for house. Quickr can be instrumental in finding a home for you. The different filer options on such as price range, number of rooms, located in, posted by, Furnished, Area, Ad type and Photos can help you to come up with something out of your requirement. You could reply to the ad owner and discuss with them regarding what they have to offer and you could find yourself a house to stay.  Next thing would be to pack and transport your stuffs from current location to Bangalore. Some movers and packers charge bomb and hence you will have to shell out more money. In Quickr you could find a mover and packer who could probably charge less amount.  Once all this is done, you need to move on and think about the different things.  What about food? In a city like Bangalore where cost of living is more, would you like to eat out every day?  Of course, not! Through Quickr , you could find a cook who  could cook delicious meals for you . You could pay them for monthly basis or daily basis.  Alternately, you could also opt for Tiffin services. Most of the bachelors opt for Tiffin services. You have lots of options available in Quickr that you would only know when you explore the website thoroughly. If you are looking for a maid who could clean the house, then you have an option available for that as well. If you are planning to buy furnitures, can be helpful. Through it, you could locate people selling furnitures.  There are different attractive features that make the site more meaningful and this is what differentiates it from the other sites. It’s a quick classified that gives life to your search!

Story of Sathya offers various services that could fit your requirments

Quickr provides you the facility of getting alerts on your mobiles and email id. This could be helpful and you can keep a track of things when you come online. Through the alerts you can track to the owner and talk to them regarding your requirements.

Story of Sathya also provides Alert facilities.

I have known the difficulties and challenges involved in finding stuffs when you move on to a new place. Few years back I relocated to Delhi for my work purpose and I had to find things through different agents and brokers and of course they charged bomb too! Now you can things and different kind of facilities through  Quickr. Com would help you streamlining your search and your requirements. So, do give it a thought when you are planning to relocate.  Especially when you have to relocate to a city like Bangalore, then your expectations would be high and Quickr can help you meet your expectation. Almost all services are offered through . For that you have to meticulously browse through the website and find out for various options. I have suggested few things that you could do with Quickr quickly that would help you settle down fast whenever you relocate to Bangalore or any other city for that matter. Do use it and share your experiences!  So now find things Quickrrrrrrrr!

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