Story of Sathya

Symphony of Love

This is for you dude! This shall pass too! 

Story of Sathya

Entering my life, like a storm she
snatched me  with her love,
beholder was I, admired her, 
days and nights, faraway,
Killing me with her looks she
tortured me with her smiles,
long braided hair swinged,
cascaded my heart away
I sing  the song of love,
the symphony that unites us,

Baby, why  did you do this?
For I wanted your smile, your love,
I lost you, dreams snatched,
Hopes killed, chasing memories,
Everything hurts, your thoughts haunts,
Miles away, with some other, 
you weave a story of togetherness,
Distance apart, here I nurse my mauled heart.
Training it to live in your absence,
Now that you’re no more,
Happiness ceased to exist,
Tired of life, love hurts,
It Pains!

Falling and Failing in love is not new to many. But for someone who hasn’t tasted failure, defeat is matter too big. Any kind of defeat is heart breaking and failure in love destroys the heart. Heart is so vulnerable. Beating monster not only  pumps blood but also binds emotions together. My friend recently fell in love with a girl and eventually fell out of it after he got to know that she stabbed his love.  Thinking about his past, he laughs hysterically , wondering if all that happened recently in his life was just a dream. But Alas! Truth is bitter and takes time to digest!

This is for you dude!  Be strong, move ahead in life.

Story of Sathya

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