Story of Sathya

Healthy child, Healthy home!

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Story of Sathya
Healthy child,  healthy home – Image from  See here 

Asking me to define a healthy home would be a difficult question to answer. As per me a healthy home is the one where happiness resides. Ever thought about this? No? Then ponder over it.  Children are the best gift that almighty can give anyone. When he made man and woman, he asked them to multiply and spread happiness. Happiness isn’t freely available on any tree that one could pluck it and embrace it.  There was a time during my young days when our house would be filled with kids.  I have sharp memories of being a sick child. Mother always used to be worried about my health.  We used to visit the physician quite often.  Such a troublesome child I was, who caused trouble to my mother by making her fret about my health.  Everyone wishes for a good health. But as a child, it was a completely different story for me. Children are like the oxygen of the home. Too less Oxygen can cause serious injuries. But try to get the analogy what I’m trying to explain.  A child’s birth brings along lots of happiness and joy to the family.  When a child goes through the development process in the mother’s womb, a drastic transformation takes place when it transforms into a healthy baby from fetus. So, during these 9 months, she weaves in a lot of dreams about her child. So indirectly a mother’s love for her child can be traced back to her gestation days.  So it’s obvious that she would love her child more than anyone.  Having said that, I would like to say that a mother knows her child 9 months more than anyone knows it!  She takes good care of her baby from its  birth.  It’s a woman’s primary role.  And this is the reason why a mother is always close to her child. The bond seems to be established during its embryonic stage itself when a mother consumes nutritious food so that her baby turns out to be a healthy one! Imagine how one would feel when a child turns weak and ill.  It would induce gloominess and the whole happiness of the house would be ruined. A child is a catalyst that drives the house. But when he falls ill and is restricted to bed, everyone seems sad.

A primary reason for this is that Indian children are prone to illness and there are several factors that attribute to it – like lack of Vitamin D, Calcium Deficiency, malnutrition etc. Most important reason for these is immunity.  A child becomes vulnerable to infections and thus invites unwanted problems in form of different diseases. So a mother needs to address lots of issues.  All the organs of the human body are working nonstop without break.  Of course, if it takes a break, then our health would go for a toss – a known phenomenon. But what amazes me is the regeneration factor of the Human Organs. All the cells and the tissues regenerate itself after an infection – thanks to the White blood Corpuscles (WBC’s).  Immunity indirectly implies low resistance and that is linked to low WBC’s. WBC’s are known as the fighter cells. When these fighter cells fail to perform their job, then the immunity too is decreased.  The different agents that aim to bring down the immunity of the body are the viruses, bacteria’s and different pathogens. They have a pivotal role. They cause infections and diseases of different organs. Our body needs to cope up with it.  Immunity is the Iron man of the body who is required to fight the goons in form of viruses, pathogens and bacteria’s. To boost immunity, lot of things could be done. A healthy nutritious diet is essential for a good health. Some children are weak and their weakness can terrify things. A sick child at home can change the entire ambience of the home drastically. Doting parents would turn upset and that in turn would make situations sad for the home. That’s why it is recommend that to maintain a healthy living and a healthy home, be ready to tackle illnesses that affect immunity and reduce resistance. You can shield your child from viruses, bacteria’s and different disease causing pathogens by simple adopting a technique. Dabur  Chyawanprash aims to strengthen  our body’s fighter cells and destroy viruses and bacteria’s. It is scientifically proven! It is promising enough to protect your child’s health and thereby contributes to maintaining a healthy home. Chyawanprash has different ingredients such as Ashwagandha, Guduchi, Satavari,  Bala and Vidarikand that helps in promoting different functions of the human body thereby ensuring that your health doesn’t goes for a toss.  A good health is what everyone desires.  My family has lots of kids in the range of 3 – 10 years and the environment is amazing when they visit our house every day.  It feels like Lord Happiness has planned to camp at our place forever. Of course we would welcome him with an embrace. The other day I visited my sister’s house and that day was different.  Everyone was silent. That was a different situation to be in! Whenever I visited her place, the house would be filled in joy and happiness.  It seemed that the prince of the house was down viral fever. I went there and looked at him. My 4 years old nephew exhibited a puppy face and looked at me. He was looking ‘energy-less’. That sight didn’t amaze me at all! When he was happy and merry, the house was in a completely different state but when he was down with fever, it was in a different state.  It was then I   jumped to a conclusion that a healthy child makes for a healthy home.

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