Story of Sathya

From Phone to Phone-man!

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Everyone wants to be different! And this difference has to be the ability to control one’s thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions. Imagine if you had all these powers to control everything  then life surely would have been amazing. Imagine saving someone’s life and giving them hopes. Wouldn’t that be the best thing to do – to spread smiles and happiness! Only if we were Professor Bruce Banner, Clarke Kent, Bruce Wayne, Thor, Captain America, Shaktimaan, Dhruv, Nagraj and Tony Stark so that we could transform into a super hero and change the world. No, not Bruce and Tony Stark as they do not possess super powers! Of course life would have been blissful if we were one of those characters. How I wish to be a character of DC, Raj and Marvel comics! I always dreamed of having super powers.  Nevertheless, no one charges to dream big and weird. That’s one of the few things which you could ever do for free. But a wish could only remain a wish!
Story of Sathya
Last night, I was thinking about something. It was a fantasy or may be something hypothetical and weird which could never happen. But if it really happened then it would be simply ‘incredible’ and ‘outstanding’.  I gazed at my phone for a considerable period of time. A thought struck my mind out of nowhere. I thought if Almighty was the creator of the human race then he has certainly imbued in us different feelings, emotions and skills. Of course, everyone has a different skill sets. So that’s what makes each one of us different. Similarly there must be a concept that differentiates different smart phones.
 Each phone is programmed to do different things and may be that’s why they are different with their own abilities and capabilities. So if my smart phone was smart enough to do different things, then wouldn’t it be smarter if I give a super power to increase its smartness quotient. That would be incredible as I said before. What if I give my phone a superpower and make it do things that no one could ever do! What if I transform my phone from a bland phone device to phone-man?  Phone-man is the superhero version of phone, the term which I just coined.  So if I were asked to give my phone a super power, what all would I give it? I won’t be happy with a single super power. I would give it multiple powers and make it do multiple tasks at the same time. 
I would be Professor Utonium and imbue in my phone great super powers just like he gave to the Power puff girls. Many times in this world I have come across people who get hurt because of others action. Many of them lack the maturity to speak rational things. What I mean is that people talk without thinking and such kind of actions might end up hurting people.  Through the super power,I would create an application in my phone which would read the persons mind even before they talk. In such a way the phone could alert them via text messages. It would a plain text message to the person citing the consequences of whatever they are about to speak. It will make them contemplate for a while so that they don’t end up hurting people. I don’t want people to cut others  throat with their tongue.  Relationships are like threads, if handled with care they would last long or else they would break. Others couldn’t see or do such a thing. Even the text message would be like a simple service message from the telephone network operator.  It is similar to the concept of telepathy.  In similar lines, it would have a power to help me in decision making. What if I have to make some important decisions in my life? In such case I could have my phone suggest me viable options for me. I could use this to get a feasibility check. It would be a rational acknowledgement to the questions instead of some hanky-panky applications used by some for fun purpose. Who knows? You could make your phone to be your personal assistant. And at this point of time, you might not be required to wait for your mind or your heart for decision making. If problems arise, look forward for your phone. Make it the new heart and mind! Such a super power would be simple incredible. This super power will make your phone your smart agent which will give valuable feedbacks, solutions etc within a blink of a second by analyzing and reading your mind.  I wish I could really give my phone such a super power.
Story of Sathya
 I hate travelling. Travelling from Santacruz to Airoli en route Kurla and Thane might make you think if I am a human or a humanoid. Travelling the length between Mumbai and Navi Mumbai might be amusing for one day. But imagine doing that every day and sometimes even during weekends for work purpose. Sometimes fatigue factor would come into picture and I get tired and it has its associated health effects.  Well, I wish I could give my Phone-man the ability to time travel.  I could give it a super power to take me to my destination without travelling. So within a blink of a second, I would be at my destination. So no more scolding’s from the Boss for coming late and you could spend more time on your actual work. I would have a virtual application on my phone which would take the destination details from me and after clicking the ‘Ok’ button I would be there. This could be the best super power which I could give it to my phone. So no more cribbing for time. You have the entire world’s time with you.  My phone-man with its time travel super power would reduce the travelling time.  Incredible! Isn’t it?
At times I get disheartened when I get to hear about human losses. Earthquakes, Tsunami, Flood, Cyclones, Thunderstorms, Terror Attacks, Rail accidents and anything that involves human losses scares me.  I believe that human life is precious. I would give my phone a super power to predict things in advance. It is called Precognition. So if there is an Earthquake in a place X then my phone would alert me in advance with an Earthquake alert message.  In such a case people could be evacuated to some other place. So when the Earthquake strikes the place X, there would be only material losses and no human losses at that place. Like this we could save humans.  Such kind of things looks good only as a wish, given the fact that it’s impossible to avert such natural calamities. There are few things that look good only when we rest it up to the Almighty! Another super power I could give to my phone would be to track humans. So I could have my phone device save the images of people, our loved ones. So through the GPS tracking, my phone-man could track the location of our loved ones. So if in case they go missing, then I could find them easily with this super power of my phone.  This could be possible in mere future but for time being I would consider this as a doable. 
For a witty one, I would give my phone a super power that would virtually simulate the games that we play on the phone. Like I would have a mobile version of me playing in the racing game, subway surfer, temple run or the FIFA mobile game for that matter. By doing this we could actually feel the game rather than enjoying it the mechanical way. We could still be physically present and see ourselves playing the game in real time. That would be fun, surely!  And for the evil one, I could even give my phone a super power to take revenge against people who hurt and annoy me. I would have an application to make my phone-man take revenge against such people. I could make them do anything. God Forbid! I will definitely not try to do anything of that sort.  And there are plenty of super powers that I could think of giving to my phone that no one could ever see or could ever do. So these super powers would be unique and different. 
Talking about super powers woke up the super hero in me. I wish I could give my phone a chance to be a super hero or rather a phone-man. I wish whatever aforementioned turns into reality and makes life beautiful. Or maybe I wish these super powers actually were real. Life would have been amazing, exciting and incredible! In search of Incredible, we wish one day technology takes everything by storm and turns the hypothetical into actuality, virtuality into reality and gives mobile phone every single super power that would make life easier.  So, do you believe someday your phone would turn into a phone-man? In search of incredible, from Phone to Phone-man!
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Story of Sathya

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