Story of Sathya

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Some say that love is the purest thing in this world. I won’t deny this fact when I myself have been a firm believer of love. Falling in and out of love has been an integral part of life. It’s something which can imbue happiness inside your not-so-happening life. Even I had a chance to experience the purest form of love. That was during the training days of my first organization. Life had veered out drastically since then.
Story of Sathya
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She was just another ordinary girl for me. She never looked beautiful like most of the girls do. She never wore expensive make-ups and clothes. Everything from her way of dressings and mannerisms were ordinary. It was love at first sight. I never believed in love until I met her for the first time.  But even then   when I saw her for the first time I realized that something about her was fascinating. By the time I befriended her and got to know her better I realized that she was the kind of girl whom I had been searching in my entire life! At last I was happy and content that I found my lady love. I started cherishing her friendship. I had completely surrendered to her friendly bonding. I did things to amuse her. I taught her UNIX and SQL so that she would pass the exams and stay in my current organization. She would not hesitate to call me an anytime. Her smile enlightened me and everything that she did for me just took me by storm. She would cook delicious food for me. But my love was short lived. She couldn’t clear her UNIX papers and as per the company policies she had to resign.  One of my dear friend had told me that she had cried a lot and refused to meet anyone. I never met her again. Everything I did for her only seemed to me like a passing cloud. She was depressed and she promised she won’t return back to the organization. Life had become miserable by then. Her absence did affect me and the impact was too high that I couldn’t focus on my work .She had changed her phone number too. By then I had started to believe that she was never meant to be mine. But somewhere I knew that she loved me and if my love for her was true then I would meet her again.

I would have never believed in Almighty until I met her again. This time I had met her again after 1.5 years. She looked matured and I had witnessed that the fragile intellectual had actually transformed into a professional. We revived our friendship from where we left. She looked more beautiful to me and I once again got to witness her smile which was my drug and my painkiller. Her infectious smile had enough power to convert sorrows into happiness. This time I mustered enough courage to confess my feelings for her.  She accepted me as a part of her life. With elder’s blessings, we soon tied knots. My story may sound to you like a good fairy tale. Trust me life was never the same after I met her again.  Today every moment I spend with her, I recollect the good old days. From training days to working and today she is my life partner. As days passed, we got to know each other well. She matured well enough to take major decisions. I would assist her in almost all the activities. Love is not about going out together, watching movie together or strolling at a beachside. It is a divine bond which enwraps us.  I prefer spending some quality time with my lady love admiring her beauty, talking to her, eating dishes cooked by her, talking through our eyes and so on. Trust me the best thing in this world is to talk amid silence. That would be a perfect day of love for me. A steady relationship is not just built like that. It takes different components which together form the platform for a beautiful bond, beautiful life.

One day as we were strolling outside a showroom, my eyes glanced across a banner written – Platinum day of love. And of a sudden she asked me,” What will you do on a platinum day of love?”

I gave her a confused look and said, “I will love you just like I did and I do.”

“Everyone gives something to their loved ones. What will you give me?” she asked, looking straight into my eyes.

“I will give you your share of happiness,” I said and smiled at her.

“Platinum day of love is when people discover the real love which is omnipresent and forever. It is a realization of true love which will last long.” I said.

“Platinum is rare and special. But I realized that I do not need one day to prove my love to you. For someone like me who breathes love and lives you, every day is a platinum day of love. In the name of love, I promise you that I will be there for you in your good and bad times.” I said and gifted her platinum ring.

Tears of happiness rolled down her cheeks. She hugged me tightly, so tight that no one could separate us forever.

It’s rightly said that platinum doesn’t fade or tarnish with time and true love always stays forever and true! Its love, forever!

Story of Sathya
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