honour killing

Honour Killing – No Honour in Killing!

honour killing

I read a shocking article  today regarding Honour Killing.I was browsing through the Indian Express and came across a disturbing story. In Britain ,there are 25 women who are killed every year in name of honour killing for causing shame to their family. Where on Earth is this act justified?. Killing your loved ones for tarnishing the family image is pathetic and is a serious crime. In this era where we talk about technology and scientific advancements, there exist certain group of people who still believe in all this. This is 21st century and I believe that people should live in sync with the current period. This is the story of a Pakistani family, of  parents who killed their own  daughter for getting inspired from the west. Getting inspired from the Western world is not bad and I don’t think that it would tarnish the family image.Thats why I always keep telling that get to learn the good things from the Westen world.I agree that Islam follows some strict rules and these rules are only set for peaceful and better purposes, no where in Quran it mentions about honour killing. It doesn’t preaches to kill your own children.

Shafilea,daughter of  Ifthikar and Farzana Ahmad was killed by her own parents by suffocating her through help of a plastic bag.This testimony was given by Shafileas very own sister who told about what actually happened. Her parents had asked her to marry a man who was 10 years older to her.She refused and Shafilea seemed to be a defiant person. She embraced the Western culture and the things which she saw around her, may be she forget to realize that this was not Pakistan any way nor did her parents realized that.She rebelled agaisnt her parents who imposed strict rules on her.Her parents have been strict to her just because of  her unique inspiration from the western world as she copied what her other white friends did. This murder took place in September 2003. The court had sentenced them to a min of 25 yrs of jail. I believe that they deserved it as they were concerned more about the shame in  group than their kids.Punish them,explain them but  killing them won’t solve the problem.
“The strong message goes out and should be very clear: If you engage in honour killings – if you engage in forced marriages – you will be caught and brought to justice,” said Mohammed Shafiq, chief executive of the Manchester-based Ramadhan Foundation, a Muslim organization.
Story of Sathya

How could a mother kill her own daughter. We talk about unconditional love but it is difficult to digest the fact that the one who sowed the seeds ,destroyed their own farm. Such things happen around the corner ,its just that one or two news like Shafiela’s are exposed. I appreciate the little sister Alesha who was brave enough to open up in the court. Honour Killing is thus a murder in name of saving the family pride and its quite prevalent in countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other part of the Middle Eastern nations.The number is high in Pakistan,Turkey and India. The reason for such killings could range from infidelity,pre marital sex,flirting,illegitimate sexual activities etc.In one  such case , a woman was murdered by her very own husband based on a dream where she betrayed him.I strongly disagree with this honour killing concept to save the family pride. No one has the right to kill their loved ones in name of honour killing.Everyone has the right to live in this world. Such barbaric treatments against our loved ones in name of family pride is not acceptable and are against humanity.What good will happen by doing that? .One should know that your family comes first and then pride. If you can never think of your very own blood relation whats the point in thinking about the pride and honour. Ridiculuous!.What do you have to say about this? Do you agree or not? Pour in your feedback.I am all ears!

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