Autobiography of a Sperm

Autobiography of a Sperm.

Disclaimer – The Autobiography of a Sperm is a fun post and a little educational too. 😉

Everyone calls me a Sperm – Length 55 microns and speed 35 micrometers per second. This world so full of opportunities and I keep waiting for mine. Living in a pool of a viscous fluid along with my other million friends my sole motto of life is to have fun. It keeps us going, the liquid I mean! It is super rich in Protein, Fructose, Vitamin C, several enzymes, and minerals. I have a tail that I wag every time while swimming.

Autobiography of a Sperm

The Central Nucleus is to us like the Brain is to you guys. You won’t believe when I say that I am responsible for passing over half of the genetic information to a human baby. Imagine such a tiny thing me having such a superpower or whatever you call it. Chachin and Spermwarya are my best sperm friends. Chachin always used to tell me that he would grow up to be the famous sportsperson in this world. He would do many ad films and earn lots of money. Spermwarya is ambitious. She wants to be a rich woman and a beautiful actress in movies. I don’t have big dreams like theirs. 

I need a perfect life. That’s it! Just make it significant. If tomorrow someone asks me something, I shouldn’t ask myself that “Have I made it large?” Life is unpredictable. You guys are born out of a male and a female, but we are not. We hail from cell divisions.

I popped out because of one such cell division. The spermatozoon is what few people call me. Each one of us possesses around 38 MB of DNA information. It takes 64 days for us to grow into a fully matures Sperm. The craziest fact about us is that we are the smallest cell in your body. You must be wondering how I know all this. Well, my Granna told me. Yes, our grandfather sperm is the oldest Sperm living in our pool. I tell you that our life is full of pain and the funniest part is that although our life span is short, we enjoy living during those short period.

“Guys rush to Granna Sperm’s sector. He wants to talk to us,” A group of senior sperms swam towards us. We followed their orders without any hesitation and swam to the Grandfather Sperm’s area.

“My Loving Children, I have a reason to call you all today,” Granna Sperm said.

“What’s the reason Granna?” We all shouted in unison.

“Yes, have patience. I will tell you,” he said.

“Your call will come very soon. Each one of you here standing here will race towards the darkness of hope,” Grandfather sperm said with a straight face.

“You are friends now. But within a matter of time, you all will turn into foes and will compete against each other. You will race with each other towards the biggest mystery of life which will be unfolded and only you shall know the reason,” he added.

Story of Sathya

“You will take part in the battle of Supremacy, the survival of existence.” 

“Await your call dear children,” he said and went inside. Chachin, Spermwarya, and I looked at each other with confusion. He never explained to us what ‘darkness of hope’ was.

“What now? I don’t want our friendship to be ruined under any circumstances.” Spermwarya’s eyes turned moist.

“Fret Not. We are friends forever,” I said to her. Everyone left towards their areas in Testipur, where we lived together happily.

I went to meet my grandfather. 

“Grandfather, May I enter?” I, like an obedient student, knocked on the door.

“Sure child son, get in,” Granna Sperm said.

“What’s the darkness of hope?” I asked him, curiousness in my eyes.

“It is the chamber of the secret that will unveil new hopes to your future. It will decide your future, and you and your friends will fight with each other. The winner of that race will make it large.” He chuckled.

“What about the others here and their future?” I curiously asked him.

“Eventually, they all will have to die. Such is the mystery of life. Only one out of you guys will win, and the others have to succumb,” he said.

“And what about that call? When will we get the call?” I asked.

“Any Moment. Be prepared. You shall battle it out with the others like you.” He showed faith in me.

“But is it possible that we will reach the ‘hope’ in the darkness of hope,” I asked him.

“Could be. At times, there are circumstances where most of them from this clan die. It’s because of some of the cruel and selfish beings who kill us because of their selfish pleasure.”

He coughed and continued,” Not everyone in this clan is born to win. Only the special one tastes victory. It is the one who chases his destiny demystifies the secret of the darkness of hope,”

Story of Sathya

“But how do sperms from our clan die without reaching the darkness of hope?” I asked curiously. “Silly! Selfish men shed their sperm and it’s quite sad to know that most of our clan members are found dead on the bedsheets and washrooms and on underwear,” he said.

“And few obstruct us with the help of certain spermicides as a result of which we are caught in the gateway to the darkness of hope,” he added.

“You are too old. What about your call?” I asked him with some shade of innocence to which he laughed.

“Good question. You said I ‘m old and you are right. Even if my call arrives, I will die as I’ve lost my motility.” He smiled.

Sad. Will I make it big and large?” I, like a sweet sperm, asked him.

“Why not, dear? Just wait for the call,” he said and left. I spend few hours pondering over those lines which he spoke. It was complete darkness. I was with my friends. I heard a babble of voices of a woman moaning. I had got an intuition that something miserable was going to happen. Was it supposed to be my call? Within no second, a group of us around 200 million of us were spewed into complete darkness. The moaning stopped, and we got active. Chachin and Spermwarya were with me. Everyone seemed to be swimming toward their destiny. We all were blindly following each other. I observed that some of our group members died on their way.

Story of Sathya

We were being quick. It was like the biggest race of my life. Most of my friends, including Chachin and Spermwarya, died. I could not even locate them as I never looked behind. Grandfather’s words blared on my mind. It continuously rang on my mind. If I had to make it large, then I will have to sacrifice my loved ones and keep swimming towards my destiny. The darkness of hope never ceased to show me dreams. I kept swimming until I saw complete brightness. I saw ‘hope’ which was smiling at me.

It looked at me, and I smiled and wagged my tail. Two of us finally made it. My next step was to fight the other sperm and reach hope. I victoriously defeated the other sperm and fused with the hope. A new ray of hope gave me the utmost joy of my life. My body got disintegrated and I saw complete brightness. Pure Bliss! It was then I realized that I had successfully made through the darkness of hope and reached hope. I was an intelligent sperm, and hence I knew that I would make it. After that, I didn’t know what happened, but I thought that I had made it large.


After many years…

“Neha, you are so pretty and beautiful,” Ricky said. 

Neha had a beautiful round face. The face of the sweetest angel ever. She had a perfectly arched brow. Her brown eyes were mysterious yet profound that it highlighted her beauty. The charcoal, dark eyebrows framed her round face. She had a perfect tiny nose. She hid the eternal universes behind. 

“You are the most pretty and the most intelligent girl I have seen in my life,” Ricky smiled at her to which Neha blushed.

“Today, I am the youngest CEO of a famous IT company, and I still have many things to do in life,” Neha said.

“But I don’t know if I have made it large,” she said and smiled.

“Have I?”


Out of nowhere, a virtual representation of the grandfather sperm popped up.

“Yes, you made it large, and I knew it you would!I am proud of you, dear,” Granna sperm said.

Story of Sathya
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