Story of Sathya

Andy-Mandy: Ladki & Sala

Story of Sathya
 Andy and Mandy roam  in a shopping mall and Andy comes across someone. Andy goes to a beautiful girl who was standing with a smart boy.

Andy – (to the girl)Hey Sweety ,how are you? Love you loads baby . (hugs the girl) 
Andy – (to the guy)Abey Sale , kya haal hai …yeha kya  kar rahe ho tum do..

Mandy was watching all this.Sometimes he would get jealous because of Andy’s charm. He was skilled at making friends. Mandy thought if Andy could do that then why can’t he. He soon spotted another  girl standing with a guy.He  rushed there

Mandy – (to guy) Abey Sale, kya haal hai …kya kar raha hai…
Mandy – (to girl) Hey Sweety,how are you? Love you loads baby (hugs the girl)

(The girl slaps Mandy)
Girl- How dare you call me Sweety and baby?. Who are you? 
Girl – (to the guy next to her) AG Sunte ho…isne mujhe baby kaha…
Guy – (Slaps Mandy and Punches him ) How dare you call my wife by such names?
(A mob gathers and  everyone starts beating Mandy. Andy comes to his rescue and freeds him)
Andy – Bhai tune us ladki se batameezi kyun ki.
Mandy – (holding his swollen cheeks)Bhai , I did the same what you did to the other girl and the guy next to her.
Andy – Idiot…she is my fiance and that guy is my future  brother in law.

Mandy faints.

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