Story of Sathya

Andy-Mandy : Woh MERI hai!!!

Story of Sathya

Andy: Abey Mandy, idhar kya kar raha hai be tu?

Mandy: nahi yar… bas waiting for a friend.

Andy:  I know..jyadaa smart mat ban…I know everything …tu kiski wait kar raha hai…voh MERI hai

Mandy:you again started brother….har ladki teri  hai…abh yeh wali  MERI hai.

Andy:  Nahi Mandy .. mei  innocent girls ki zindagi barbaad nahi hone dunga..   woh MERI hai..

Mandy:  Look whoz talking..

Meanwhile the girl walks in ……

Andy : Achha hua you came dear … tum MERI ho naa…

Mandy: abey dear ke bachhe…. tell me tum MERI ho naa

Girl:  haan Mei toh Mary hi hun…Mera naam bhi nahi yaad hai tum dono ko ( Slaps Andy and Mandy  and walks away)

Mandy: (with his hand  over his left swollen cheeek)  Bhai… yeh MARY na MERI ho saki ya TERI 

Andy: ( Looks at Mandy with his hands over his right swollen cheek) .

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