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220.Clean screen & clear desk policy ;-)

I have been quite irregular in blogworld for last 8 months or so .Thanks to my job….Oh god I hope
 A-A-TM  guys aren’t reading this post.Every year we have a security audit and each year we have auditiors  from Israel who interview us.The amount of hype this audit had created was  immensible. All the managers were busy  involved in clearing the mess and the employees were the poor victims.We used to have periodic  meetings scheduled to discuss this issue.Umm, while going through some random blogs ,I came to know about this Sunday Scribbling.I remember taking part  in previous prompts of the same site.I don’t remember the topic though.So I have decided to write about this episode which took place at my office.
Security audits are generally  strict and stringent actions were supposed to be taken against people who were caught.Every day we would be getting mails and pointers to be noted like keep your desks locked before  you leave for home,lock your screen and so on. And it was during one of those sessions that we came to know about the clean screen and clear desk policy. Many people had different interpretations about the same.Some used to mess up with the clean screen and data encryption pointer.This all took place two weeks prior to our audit.This all had made things miserable.Our teams audit was supposed to take place on  friday.But sometimes it would be funny and the environment would be different at the floor.Every one would go outside the office and drink chai and smoke. They would wait for hours outside until the audit is over .Once its done ,then they would enter the floor like champions with constant smile on their face. To be honest even I was  not present during the audit  ,thanks to my CIA test which I had to give. So coming back to clean screen and clear desk policy, clean screen means locking your screen before leaving your cubicle and clear desk policy means locking your desk before leaving the cubicle.Isn’t that cool? .I am glad they didn’t had something like clean cubicle policy otherwise we would end up cleaning out cubicle.. Hahaha I can’t stop laughing after experiencing all that …. hahaa
PS: Google chrome isn’t allowing users to open my website.. So try opening in internet explorer or mozilla… πŸ˜‰ …how are you guys? .Long time …hope to be regular. Love yaaaa
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