Story of Sathya

213.For Some one special !!!

  Many times certain things happen in life when you meet people who eventually turn to be your best of your friends.At some point of life you would get a feeling where you can’t live without the presence of such people. The person might impact you in such a way that you would exhibit a strong desire for that person.I met one such person who colored my life in a unique way when I desperately needed it.Hadn’t been that night when I saw her once again coming in my life after a long lost span of 3 years of our disastrous friendship.These 3 years were initial set backs actually where we rather could be classified as ‘hi-bye’ ‘Orkut-Fb’ friends who never knew each other,never knew how we looked and so on.

To be on the honest side I’ve been knowing her more since last 1 month despite knowing her since last 3 years.This friendship is no different than any random Orkut friend request.Just usual theory where the guy sends an add request to a beautiful girl who happens to be his best friends good friend and suddenly the girls accepts his request and he rejoices.My approach towards this friendship is no different.This is some one whom I admire.I admire the way she talks,laughs,behaves and every small aspects of her coz she is special.I am writing this for some one special who is special for me .This is the reincarnation of our friendship where our friendship bloomed again after a drought and famine.I could see beautiful flowers on the garden of friendship.She looks awesome,pretty,fabulous and sexy as well.There are more such adjectives which match her.I forgot to mention that she is aggressive as well.Her anger quotient or level is very high.At time you won’t know she would rather prefer not talking to you just because you pissed her off.She might pretend that she is rude and she hates you,but let me tell you that she is kind at heart and I know it and every one knws it.I’m really happy that I’m knowing her more and getting close to her.For some one who had many friends especially female friends ,she might just be another friends.Thats what even she thinks.She would prefer saying that she is just another female friend of mine.I strongly disagree with her.I admit I have many female friends but being some one special in those group of female friends differentiates her.I know I would write
something for her,even she knew it.We bet for silly reasons and reasons outscoped.Some times in life things happen that change your life forever.Meeting her was like fixing a date with an angel.She is an angel who is a blessing in disguise to me.I once again began to socialize admist depression ,sorrows and lonliness is just because of this person.She rocks and I know and every one knows it.I like her.She is some one who entertains late night calls just she speaks to me.I really don’t understand logic behind it may be its our friendship that matters to us.She is some one who smiles and frowns quite often.I don’t know where was she and why she came to my life after a sudden appearance through that friend request.I fail to understand why she played a cameo role in my friendship and why an actor.Life is full of choices and we as people are mere bystanders.Some play cameo roles in our life and it turns out to be a bliss whi might surprise you.She is special to me.Let me admit that when she started talking to me during my intial days of friendship with her,I had a strong crush on her.My crush reduced as her presence in my life went on dimming.At some point of time she seemed to have lost from my life.But now that she is back I won’t let her go.She is like a little teddy for me.I would keep it with myself.She calls me flirtu and idiot.I love it when you say so.I know I have many friends,but not many as you think.I know you are special and you mean a lot to me dear.You may be wondering who is the person being pampered by me by flowery words.Well these are not flowery words but these are somethings which I wanted to say to her since long.I like you idiot and you are my bestest friend .I will kill you and remember we will be friends through out life.Yes and she is some one who colored my life after my life was full of darkness in delhi.She is a  brave strong sikh girl whose friendship I cherish.

Thanks a lot dear.Love you.Take care. 

Story of Sathya

PS:I would not name her as she would not like it.But I know she would like it
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