Story of Sathya

212.Strange Post …

Its really “Strange” that sometimes “Strange” things happen to you “Strangely” at a “Strange” time when you see “Strangers” around you at a “Strange” place.Woww! So many Strange’s in a single statement.Isn’t that Strange? 😀

Well coming out of this strange thing,I would like to share few things with you all about a stranger whom met during my training days at TechMahindra and eventually turned out to be good friends with her.She was a complete stranger to me until one particular sunday.That was the best sunday I would say.I came back to Pune from Mumbai with my huge ‘Livia’ bag with pressed clothes. We had our PLSQL sessions going on and a test was to be given on the same topic.All my folks at Pune were busy with the sql session and some would rather sit back at the center and practice the programs(codings to be precise).I directly reached Chanakya(my training room name )to meet my roomie Prashant to get the room keys.I found something strange(ahh! not strange again 😛 can’t help) .My system was occupied by someone.Intriguing!!I just checked out to see the culprit who used my system.”This system is in use and has been locked by TechM Employee Neha” read the alert message.I could see Neha’s Unix noteback lying aside the desk but I could not find Neha anywhere. With a smile Neha entered the classroom.Omg! such a beautiful girl she was! She was pretty,beautiful,simple,smart and all adjectives that you could add.I had this knack of making friends very fast and some how not I’ve lost the spark.I opened a small conversation with her.This conversation lasted only 5 minutes.She came to our center to practice for her Unix exams. I really missed this “stranger” for week
or two although I may have met her or seen her only once.I wanted to talk to her again but I could not find her.I soon knew that we both had a common friend as well.My eyes were pining for her to meet her again and atlast I saw her one evening,the evening before her Unix exam.She was rigorously practicing for her tests and so was I.It was Unix for her and PLSQL for me.It was the most important test of her life as failing would terminate her from the company.I realized this and didn’t wanted to bother her.I gave her a smile and greeted her.I even tried solving her doubts.She said “thankx” and we left.I could not even wish her luck for her exam.I did not see her for a month or so.Many life changing events happen in this month for me which drifted me from her thoughts.Else I would have planned to meet her atleast once before leaving.I was unfortunate enough that I was relocated to New Delhi.Never in my life I thought that I would have to work in Delhi.It was almost 2 months by then.Two months and few weeks since I met Neha.During this span of time,I’d interacted with her only 2 times and that too for a total of 25 minutes.5 minutes on the first day and 20 minutes on the second day.After 2 months,I almost forgot her.Neha seemed to have vanished from my
memory.But suddenly I thought that I had a friend called Neha and I soon typed her an email message.Within two minutes I got a reply from her.She was in a bad state of mind.She quit the job for some reasons.She was a brave girl and as far as I knew her she was smart enough to tackle problems in life.We exchanged our numbers and I called her the same day.I don’t know why and for some reasons I feel she is some one whom I know since long.Why would I forward her resume to my HR friends?.I failed to understand Neha and its a mystery.Since then we talk almost daily.Once my eyes used to carve to get a glance of Neha, but today my
ears are satisfied atleast its getting to hear her voice.Amazing na! Strangers one could turn into best of friends and I feel Neha who was a stranger to me is one of my good friend today.

Friendship no matter in what form,just accept it and cherish it.Even now I have met her and seen her only twice.I am planning to visit Mumbai on 24th July after 3 months.I plan to meet my Pune friends and perhaps I could meet her that time.I just hope that she gets a job soon.I am actually disappointed that I would only get a week of leave because of our July Major release and post deployment would be hectic too.I plan to dissappear from my corporate life for a week and meet my folks at Mumbai.

PS:I love you all and you have been my great friends .I love this blog and its something through which I made many good friends.Trust me each one of you are precious to me.Be friends with The Solitary Writer.I will be into regular blogging from August after I return back to Delhi.This would be my come back and once again thanks a lot to every one who read this blog.Thanks a ton to all the followers,readers,fans of the blog.Thank you and Love you all.

Story of Sathya

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