Story of Sathya

214.The Little Girl

Last year I was going through one of the worst phase of my life.I felt that I had actually ruined my life by doing certain things which actually deviated me from my path. Advices and Lectures were something that I used to hate since I was young. I never spoke much to my parents and started hating my friends.

My dee lives in Texas with her husband.She invited me to the states so that I could get rid of all kind of tensions and anxieties.
I went to drop my nephew to his school.Auroville is amongst the best known school in that particular location where my sister lived with her family.After leaving Shayan to school I was walking along the streets.My eyes captured the view of a young beautiful girl of around 12 years old.I sat next to her.She was actually watching her friends family.Her friend was accompanied by her parents and a tear rolled down her cheeks as she saw her friend with her mom and dad.For a moment I’d thought that she was sad for some reasons.I opened a conversation with her.

Me:Hey little girl! Howdy? Whats your name?
Girl: Lillian Manson.
Me:Nice name you’ve got.
She wiped the tears from her face and gave me a smile.
Me:Why were you crying just a while ago?
Girl:No,I didn’t
Me:Don’t lie Lillian.You did cry after seeing your friend with her parents.Tell me why?
Girl:I wish I had a mom and dad like her.May be I’m not lucky for that.
Me:Oh Sorry!
Girl:Don’t be..
Me:What happened to your parents and with whom do you live?
Girl:I don’t know who my dad is and my mother works at night.I live with my grandma and grandpa
Me:Your mom works at night?
Girl:Yes,my mom is a whore *tear drops run through her alluring cheeks*
Me:Oh don’t be sad,you have your grandparents with you….be happy for that..there are many who don’t have anyone to look after them.

We then happened to talk for few hours and later on she realized that she was lucky enough to have some one to talk care of her.But after meeting her,I realized the worth of my parents.Obviously parents are the biggest asset of any human being and they are the support structure too.You might not know that sometimes little words may tend to hurt them.There are others who miss their parents like the girl whom I met.We have our biggest asset with us.Why not cherish our life with them and make life blissful.I hope to be back soon.Now leaving for New Delhi.Hope to see you soon. πŸ™‚

Story of Sathya

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