Story of Sathya

207.Jealousy is ‘good’ ( –My Comeback…;) )

Story of SathyaFirst of all let me apologise for this long break or my sudden disappearance from this beautiful place. I am here to discuss some other issue.I really don’t know wheter this would be useful or not.But I would like to provide some insight regarding the same.Today I am going to talk about Jealousy.What exactly do you mean by this term? Let me explain you.It is a negative feeling of insecurity ,frustration and anxiety which basically invokes some bad thoughts in you.By this I mean that it won’t let you sleep because you won’t be happy over others advantage or achievements.
I completely agree that getting jealous is bad.Sometimes it can also be useful for you.How?we will discuss it later.Lets discuss the negative side of this emotion.It may sometimes lead to sudden outbursts of emotions and feelings.You may lose your control.Jealousy and Envy are two different things but the later may be considered as the triggered version of the former.Let me share these few points.
Jealousy may be due to some of the following points.
* Fear of loss
* Suspicion or anger about betrayal
* Low self-esteem and sadness over loss
* Uncertainty and loneliness
* Fear of losing an important person to an attractive other
* Distrust
“Momma,he got an Ipod and I still messing up with this bloody walkman thingy,” what does this statement indicates you?Here is a boy of around 10 or 12 who is angry or may be disappointed with his mom as she won’t buy him a new ipod or a music player.At the same time his friend gets a new one.This should have suggested you something.Yes,the kid is unhappy as his friend got a new ipod.This a natural instinct and it happens to everyone.Afterall we are human beings and we are imbued with different emotions like sorrow,happiness,joy,fear,trust etc. ‘Jealousy’ can be counted in that list. What happens when you get jealous? Ermm! may be negative energy would be induced in you.Well may be sometimes the devil in your mind would provoke you to do something evil.I am discussing the various cases.I will discuss with a real life example sooner or later.Because of this a person who was known for his foible would lose his characters.He may not be the same as he used to be.Dear friends , I am here to talk about jealousy and I don’t want to talk about the ill effects of this emotion.
I just want to emphasize more on the positive side of this.Well to be honest , when I was young I used to be a book worm scoring good marks in my exams.I always secured the first or the second rank.Sometimes whenever I fared bad in my papers then my rank would change may be to 2 or 3. This would not let me sleep for weeks.My initial part of my life has been a total disaster.What am I now is nothing but the advanced version of what I used to be when I was a kid.The only change is that now I don’t see the nerd in me. Sometimes the other guy would score good marks which would have been the highest score in the subject.In the same subject my score would be one or two lesser than his.Naturally it would make me sad.Sometimes it would make me feel jealous.But this should not be limited to jealousy itself.Instead it should instigate a new spirit in you.Sometime which you could learn from it.This ‘something’ would benefit you during the course of time. Other cases include job scenarios.Your academic performance may be better than his,but his status may be higher than yours.His job profile may be better than yours.I want to tell you that please don’t get dishartened by failures in life.Failures and success are parts and parcels of life. It arrives without any invitations.It is not a big issue.Jealousy should induce positive energy in you.It should make you better.Infact this would make you better.So start learning to take positives from life. Few other real life examples could be partiality shown by parents,relationships etc.Fear of losing your loved ones to someone would naturally make one feel sad and upset.The jealous person may feel entitled to himself.In childrens and adults jealousy may sometimes induce aggressive reactions.This would make them feel lonely and deprived of good friends.I would like to conclude at this point.I just want to say that there is nothing wrong in being jealous over someone.But please learn something out of it and make something out of it.Use it as a weapon to improve yourself.I hope to be back with a new interesting topic.Adios!

Story of Sathya
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