Story of Sathya

156.A game of Cricket

Story of SathyaSte: Dad! Look what I got?
Dad: What is it, son?
Ste: Appa! I got the CD of “The Greatest Cricket Match Ever!”
Dad: Wow! Son…let’s see it right now. What a day!
Ste: Right away Appa.
*Ste inserts the CD into the player and waits for it to load. The CD starts with a steamy scene and things keep getting steamier*
Dad: What on earth is this in the name of cricket?
Ste: *embarassed* Aiyoo. I think someone fooled me.
*One tight slap*
Ste (trying desperately to brighten the mood): April fool dad. April fool! Ha ha
*One tighter slap again*
Ste: What was this for, Appa?
Dad: It’s April 3 today!

****His friend Sandeep visits him ****

Sandeep : See, I got the CD of “The Greatest Cricket Match Ever” just for you
Ste:(Looks angrily at Sandeep after his dad slapped him) Dikha mujhe.
Sandeep:Its a very famous cricket video,you see.
*Ste slaps Sandeep as he believed that it was an adult movie CD.*
Sandeep:Why you slapped me? (Inserts the CD on the player )
Ste: Omg!! This is really a Cricket match (gets scared)
Sandeep:Why did you slap me?
Ste: April fool !! hehehe
Sandeep: (grimaces and gives a threatening look at him)Today is 3rd April
Ste:Belated April fool Sandeep 😛

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