Story of Sathya

Wednesday Wonders…..

Wednesday is a special day.People often say that wednesday is the best day of the week to do all your work.Many wonders can be created in wednesdays.Now ,don’t ask me who told this.A princess called “Anupriya”, an angel was born on wednesday.She is my sister and a little angel of our family.I got placed on wednesday.My little nephew was born on wednesday.Like that ,I can say that many wonders were created in my life on this particular day.Thus,I call it

Wednesday Wonders.

Every wednesday starting from 7th January,I will be coming up with a topic based on individuals.They are some one very close to me.They are amongst the people who have impressed me,who have supported me at times.These individuals are related to me through family,blog,school,college etc.This is not like a tribute series, I will write about something close to me.This will be done every wednesdays with new individuals each week.

Its from 7th January,2009.

Who knows even you might feature as a wonder on “wednesday wonders”

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