Story of Sathya

A date with a Stranger

Every one knows that I was not selected int the campus interview that was held on February 23rd.It was conducted on two days and based on the performance of the individuals on the first day itself.Earlier we had an aptitude test which carried 60 marks.Would you believe,we had to wait for 6 hours for the display of candidates list who made into the next round.It was a joint campus where around 2500 students all over mumbai applied .Finally at 6 pm in the evening ,the list was declared and I was happy that I made in the second round.Unfortunately ,none of my friends made into the second round.We were then asked to assemble in the seminar hall where we were given information regarding group discussion.I was placed in group no 11 and we were asked to go to class room no 405,where we would be having the G.D.
Finally,we were given a topic.The topic was “Is Mumbai a safe city??”.This topic was very easy topic ,but all group members were talking in favour of the topic.I was the one who strongly opposed the topic and I was against the topic.All were against me,I just wanted to remain calm.I could hear a voice which was a girls voice who eventually supported my point.Finally,the H.R selected both of us and we were given the invitation card for the next round.By then ,it was 11pm.I was walking alone to the railway station.I heard a sound behind me.”Hey,you spoke really well”,she said.
“I am pooja(name changed),doing my I.T Engineering ” ,said she.
“Hello,I am Stephen,doing my Computer Engineering from TEC”,I replied.
She accompanied me till we reached the railway station.We were glad that we both got selected to the next round and we were asked to report at 9 am the next day and it was Sunday.She was with me in the train and we shared our experiences and talks .She got down at Vashi and I dropped by Kurla.I reached my home at 12:30am.Mom and Dad were really upset as I didn’t reached home early and didn’t called them..The next day we were supposed to have a technical and HR interview for which I had to prepare .I was not familiar with old concepts of C and C++ and I had to revise the same.I revised my concepts till 3 am and slept at 3:30 am and got up at 6 am.I finally reached the place at 9 am and I met the same girl Pooja in the train.It seemed that she was nervous and had done little as she had no time.We were asked to report in the assembly hall and I was placed in the group along with Pooja which would be having HR interview first.The HR who took my interview was very friendly and I answered all questions confidently and he selected me for the next round.The selected canditates were asked to wait at classroom no 203.We had 3 hrs to go before our technical interview.I was busy revising my concepts.
Me: hey guys any one knowing Data Abstraction.
Vivek:no idea ,yar.
She: hey I know it,data abstraction means considering only a part of information and not the whole.For eg,consider a refrigerator,you need not know the internal details of the refrigerator and you are just supposed to know the working.
He:Oh !! thank you,that was sweet of you.

She gave her Technical interview and it seemed the person was very strict.He did’nt selected her and even he asked me with some stupid questions althoughI answered all,but I was not confident at all.After interview ,I asked he,”hey ,did you get selected?”.
She remained silent for a while and said”No!! i didnt”.

We finally left for the railway station and she asked me”Hey,Steph will you please tell me the route to Thane”.
“You go to sanpada and then change “,I replied.
“Best of Luck for the next interview”,I added.
“Thank you and the same applies to you”,she smiled.
“Bye “,then she left and I left .

I never bothered to exchange phone number with her.After that I never met her.
Finally,I got selected in TechMahindra on 27th February.That day was a very important day in my life,I remembered that stranger who accompanied me when I was trying for Accenture.

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