Story of Sathya

Look someone is attending lectures …….

Story of Sathya
Till my School days and junior college ,I was a very sincere student and imagine i always used to attend all lectures sincerely and i was a pet for almost all my teachers.Days have changed and so have people changed .No one expected me to bunk lectures and my friends used to tease me “common its of no use callin Steph coz he wont miss the lecture”.But in Engineering the story is totally different .
Imagine I was in defaulters list in semester 3 and one should note that i actually attended just 1 lecture of maths
which I considered it to be my worst act coz that itself led to many heartbreaking events which finally affected my semester 3 marks .Initially in semester 2,I attened just 4 lectures of maths .After getting into Engineering,I was a good kid till end of semester 1 ….but as semester ended ,Steph changed and that too drastically.That year my term work constituted to 60% of my total semester marks which is as less as compared to students scoring 80% and more in term works.The same year my aggregate was just 61 % which was never expected from me as I scored more than 85% in my 10th and 12th class.But one has to work hard to get good marks.Engineering is not just blaah blaah and blaah…we are supposed to get going on.But later on semester 3 also led to the event of inclusion of my name in the defaulter list for the first time in my life.We were supposed to write 3 years University papers and that too suring submission period.Submission is an integral part of an Engineers life.Ask and Engineer ,what submission exactly means.Its the event which includes the submissions of all assignments and files written by students along with viva.This is the time when professors can exactly utilize or take revenge ,but not all professors are villains as there are few who are kind and gentle.Currently I am in semester 6 (3rd year ) and I am regularly attending all lectures as it awarded me god marks in my unit tests and same thing in semester 4 where I got 85% of term works.I was actually surprised to see my attendance in my college website because I was never expecting that figure …alas its over 75%.I consider it to be my biggest achievement .Do check it guys,I cant believe this.After getting placed or getting recuited in a company students usually think of not attending lectures ,but stephens facing a different problem.Last month I got selected in MBT(or TechMahindra),I was really happy for that as I believed that I have achieved what i wanted .Lets see how much I get in this semester .Hopefully should get more that what I got last year.Hopes are still high .I dont know upto what extent I will keep attending lectures ,but I hope I should get going around with it.Hope you likes this post .Check out my attendace ,you will be surprised if you were Steph….as steph seldom attends lecture 🙂

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