Story of Sathya

What is life ,if full of care…….

well this is my first post in february and i was almost set to post this in last week of january but due to unavoidable reasons I had to do the same now.Well how often do people take care of yourself and being a 19 year old one cannot expect mom to feed you evryday just as she used to do it when we were in class 5 or class 6.Have you ever wondered how do mothers take care of their childrens and even if the childrens dont take care of their mom ,it is the biggest sin as per the holy bible .I have always been my momma’s child and i always wished to be the same.Since I was young ,my mom used to take care of me and imagine my dad used to leave me to school even when i was 15 year old.I almost never knew anything in life untill i entered my degree college where I met new friends.Very often I still wonder why do people wanted to be cared.A nurse takes care of patients in hospital and so does mom who cares and nurses her kids.Whenever I reach my college ,my dad used to call me “have u reached ya college safely” ,common what do u expect me to say dad “am i a kid!!”.One day I had an extra lecture and unfortunately I never informed my mom about the same and it was terrible thing that i reached my home at 11 pm.When I reached my home It was like “aahh common whats happening here”!!.My mom was like she was really crying and so was my little sister.
“what is life ,if full of care
No time to stand ,no time to stare!!!”

I remember this lines and i guess that its true to some extent ..

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