Story of Sathya

Where is the Rat hiding???

Story of Sathya
Let me narrate you a story.Its the story about a group of rats.There lived a group of rats in a particular place near a jungle.The head of the rat community was not happy with the interaction amongst black and white rats.He was upset and he had his own group of rats,one can relate this group as gundagiri gang.The leader of the gang was quite possesive.He wanted his group to succeed and supported for the development of the black rats.The white rats on the other hand belonged to some different community.They migrated from their place to this village just for the sake of living.The white rats were brutally harrased and tortured by the black rats.A very few of the black rats were friendly, and even cared for the white rats. The head of the black rats community was worried about the future of the black rats.He believed that the black rats were quite ignorant about themselves.He pretend to be a benevelent and a good samaritian,but he wasn’t.One day ,a group of wild cats attacked the mouse community.They brutally attacked the rats randomly.They were not bothered about the rat,wheter it is black or white.At that time,it was a state of panicky and the rats were helpless.The friendly black rats and the white rats formed a group.It was this group who attacked the wild cats.The gundas(black rats) were helpless.Few days ago it were these gundas who kicked the butts of the poor white rats.The innocent white rats would just leave the place for safety purposes.The leader of he black rat was just enjoying the fight.In this war ,many cats were killed and an ample amount of rats of killed.Three brave black rats gave their life for the benefit of the rats community.But ,the leader was just watching and enjoying.He was hiding his bloody ass at his home. What kind of leader is he,the head of the black rat??

well guys ,a good leader is one who supports their people at time.Why do we call such people (the black rat head in this case) as a leader who doesn’t helps his community members.

I am sure,people can relate this to another person,who is just like the head of the black rat
What do you have to say about this?please pour in your views …….

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