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What’s Your Story 4 – Anila Thampy of Bottlicious

What’s Your Story – Anila Thampy, Bottlicious Art Corner

Anila Thampy is known for her creative skills since her young days. I’ve personally known her from my high school days and at that time I knew her only as a blogger who wrote amazing stories. But later on, I discovered that she is also an artist who is well versed in all kinds of paintings with bottle art being one of her primary ones.

In this part of the ‘What’s Your Story’ series, we are going to talk to Anila Thampy about her life and her skills

1. I always knew you as a talented blogger from the old days of blogging, how did you discover that you could do well beyond writing?

Anila Thampy- I stumbled upon painting by accident. We had a Christmas sale being planned at the office where the proceeding was being passed on to a nonprofit. One of the things we had an option to do was paint on bottles. I just got inspired and painted and they got sold and that’s when I realized I had this hidden talent and since then started off.

2. By when did you achieve perfection?

Anila Thampy – I don’t think I have achieved perfection. The more I come across the different techniques and mediums the more I realize that I hardly know much about art.

3. During your childhood days, were you more into art? IF yes, then what kind of artworks?

Anila Thampy – As a child, I did paint. I think all of us have the phase of drawing a couple of mountains, streams, and houses over the years that kind of fiddled out with studies. I used to still doodle random stuff on and off during college.. but nothing close to what I am doing right now.

4. Do you have any plans of expanding this into a business?

Anila Thampy- At the moment I am more open to doing customized or made to order as these are all handmade and I try to squeeze my artwork between my day job. Eventually down the line, I would love to have an exhibition/art show to showcase my work

5. What is your message to artists who want to unleash their potential to the outside world?

Anila Thampy- I would say to my fellow artists to stay true to what you feel because that comes out in what you do. And it’s never too late to pick up something new. I always learn something new each time I come across a new sketch or painting or technique.

6. How has the current Covid-19 situation changed your life ?

Anila Thampy- COVID has let me spend more time with my art. I have managed to pick up some new techniques which I couldn’t manage earlier due to my work and life.

7. What are the main challenges and lessons you’ve learned?

Anila Thampy- The main challenge is to always keep practicing. it’s very tricky to manage that especially trying to carve time out at least once a week to sketch.. paint or work on a bottle. Especially when you have family/friends and Netflix for distraction.

8. What are your future plans and goals?

Anila Thampy- I would love to keep learning and exploring the different art mediums.

9. What advice would you give to creative people who are not able to unleash their potential?

Anila Thampy- I believe all of us are creative in our own way. I know friends who love to write ( you included), I know friends who love to cook.. some love to bake. I think it’s more important what we enjoy and then follow that passion. Lots of time we try to emulate someone and lose out on our own essence. So stay true and figure what makes you happy.. if it’s a pen.. a spatula or a brush and then go forward from there!

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