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What’s Your Story 3 – Roma Gupta Sinha

In What’s Your Story part 3, we are going to talk to another versatile blogger Roma Gupta Sinha, who has won several awards and accolades for her thought-provoking writings. She is a very well known name in the blogging world and through her writing, she has inspired a million. Recently she published her 5th book and the backstory behind this intrigued me. She is also the founder of Roma’s Communication Academy (RCA), an institution which ardently endeavors to aid 6-60-year-old bridge the gap between their intellect and expression. So without much ado let’s talk to Roma Gupta Sinha

What’s Your Story with Roma Gupta Sinha

roma gupta sinha

1.  So, Roma, What’s Your Story?

Roma Gupta Sinha- I am an automobile engineer by education who after working for ten years in corporate giants Tata Motors, Honda Cars and Ikea of Sweden embraced her first love of grooming six to sixty years old by starting her communication skills academy in Pune. However, in past few months all the academy sessions have gone online because I had shifted base to Delhi.

2. How has the current COVID-19 situation changed your life?

Roma Gupta Sinha- Well, we are stranded in Vadodara, Gujarat for over seventy days far away from home now, so yes, life has completely changed. We are here for the first time, know no one and so every day has been a difficult and beautiful battle where we have learned something, new. Personally I have grown far more independent I feel, during the COVID times.

3. What constructive activity did you do in this lock down period?

Roma Gupta Sinha- It is said that adverse circumstances often bring out the best in you. The same holds true for me. During the lockdown, I conceptualized and wrote my 5th book which has letters to my future grandchild about life and lessons in COVID times.

I felt a strong desire to let our future generations know what all we went through during the pandemic and learn from our mistakes and here it is, the book ‘TO MY GRANDCHILD, WITH LOVE’ just got released and some promotional copies are available for free download here for your readers, as a gift from me.

The second thing I genuinely focused on the lockdown is my fitness and am already twelve kgs down in twelve weeks. It feels wonderful to get back in shape. I now share all that I did to lose weight in a healthy manner for my readers on my blog and YouTube channel.

4. Why letter to grandson? Why should someone read this book? 

Roma Gupta Sinha- When we experience something as mighty as a pandemic in our lifetime, it indeed becomes our responsibility to let our future generations know about how overwhelming the experience is and the lessons we are learning the hard way.

Feeling exactly this, I decided to weave together, the tricky COVID-19 times for my future grandchild, in some chosen letters which come straight from the heart. I know he or she will find something like these, maybe very unusual and weird but definitely worth knowing about.

I am still young and it will be a while until my would-be grandchild reads these notes from his granny. So that these don’t get lost over the years, I am publishing them here in this special book as a little keepsake for him, from his grandmom.

I trust you will relate to these and may as well like to leave such a legacy for your future generations.  So, this one’s for you and your would-be loved ones to know more about us after several decades.

5. What are the main challenges and the biggest lessons you have learned?

Roma Gupta Sinha- There came a lot of challenges for us when the whole country was locked down. In the city where we are stranded, getting cooking gas and water purifier repair guys became a nightmare. Also we managed with whatever groceries or dairy we got, still doing that but this is the way of life we have adjusted to now.

We have come here with a backpack and are still surviving in the same clothes.
The biggest lesson learned is to be content with what you have, there are a million others who can’t even get this. Also, it is extremely vital to know the life skills and fend for ourselves in not so congenial times like these.

6. What are your future plans and goals?

Roma Gupta Sinha- First of all it is to get back home safe and sound at the earliest. Second because online education is here to stay, take my academy to the next level with more integrated courses for both little ones and adults.

On my blog, I want to focus more and more on mental and physical health and fitness which is the critical need of the hour, to bring about maximum benefit to my readers.

7. Was there anything that completely surprised you in the last few months?

Roma Gupta Sinha- Our hidden inner strength to stay locked indoors for over two months and still remain cheerful has taken me by complete surprise. We are a lot stronger than we actually think. Also the fact that we don’t need a cook or a cleaner or a laundry house-help and can actually be self reliant and do it all on our own.

8. What would you like your legacy to be? How do you want to be remembered?

Roma Gupta Sinha- I have a strong desire to remain alive in the hearts of people even when I am gone and I will in the form of my five books available on Amazon. They just need to type Roma Gupta Sinha there and they will find five precious pieces of my heart.

I will like to be remembered as a cheerful person whose aim is to always help people as much as she can to the best of her abilities. This is the motto behind my academy and also all my writings in general.

9. How do you handle negative criticism?

Roma Gupta Sinha- Aah! They are my strength, the more someone criticizes me the better I get at my job. Their words burn like fire in me to hone my skills further and give them a befitting answer.

10. How do you stay in touch with your readers or your target audience?

Roma Gupta Sinha- I connect with them almost everyday on my social media handles and at least once a week on my blog. I bare my heart and soul in my writings to them for I believe if you write straight from the heart, it does reach hearts and they in turn shower abundant love in me.

11. What advice would you like to give the people in this difficult period?

Roma Gupta Sinha- Hold on guys, you are doing just fine, a little bit more effort and I promise you this too shall pass and a couple of years later when we look back at these times we will really cherish the fact that how much we had grown during this testing phase.

I am impressed by her works and after reading her latest book, I am mighty impressed. You can download Roma’s latest book by clicking here.

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