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8 Unique types of Landlords you will meet in your life

Different types of landlords you will ever meet in your life

If you have been hopping homes, then you know it very well how fidgety or caring a landlord can be. Some are suspicious, some insecure, some caring, while some least bothered; however, tenants have to deal with them if they want to stay in rooms for rent.

Some landlords act as parents as well and impose restrictions like no late-night parties or no opposite gender people allowed in the house. Some might also say no pets allowed. The list of their characteristic traits is never-ending, hence taking a quick sneak peek at the different types of landlords you meet in your life should be a really fun journey!

1) The Least Bothered one

Some landlords are least bothered about what is going on in their rented apartment. They give the keys to complete the documentation and just walk off till they do not receive their rent or your tenancy period is over. You may call him/her up, but he/she may not pick up your phone nor might come to flat to check the condition.

2) The Suspicious one

 If your landlord sneaks in each and every weekend or week in your house and enquires about the guests coming in or the condition of his/her rented apartment, then he/she is the suspicious one. He/she will do no harm and may not kick you out of the house as well, however, will surely keep checking in for the latest happenings in his home.  

types of landlords you will meet in your life

3) Only Vegetarian please

Some landlords are vegetarian and they want their tenants to also be so. Hence, they reject all the non-vegetarians while selecting the tenants. So, if you have lied to your landlord about this, be careful, as he/she might come to inspect this anytime in your house.  

4) No House Parties, and No Late nights

Some landlords do not allow their tenants to host late nights or house parties. They also do not allow drinks, cigarettes, and drugs in the house. Hence, be careful if you enjoy house parties and your landlord does not allow it.  

5) We Hate Pets

There are some landlords who hate pets, even if the tenant loves them. They will not allow their tenants to keep any kind of pets in the house. If you have a pet, then this type will ask you to leave the house or your profile may not be considered for the rented apartment.

  6) The Most Caring one

Feel like home when you are sick or hungry? This can be because of your landlord cares for you as your people back home do. Your landlord will get medicines, food and also might take you to the hospital also. He/she might sit beside you till you get well.  

meet in your life

7) The Hitler

Hitler is undoubtedly the worst kind of landlord to have. He is one of those people who scare you so much that even if something is wrong in your rental flat in Delhi, you will think a hundred times before calling him up and asking him to fix it. It’s just what Hitler does to you!  

8) The Houdini

What else can you expect from a landlord who behaves like the world’s foremost escape artists but to never be there when he is needed the most? This is the landlord who, when you call him to report a leaking faucet in your apartment in Bangalore, will make up an excuse so amazing that you’ll never be able to find so faults with it. And the leaky faucet will never be repaired!   These are some of the different types of landlords we have come across. If you have any more, let us know your experiences.

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