Story of Sathya

To Shave or Not!

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Story of Sathya
To Shave or Not! Image made by me 
A true man always makes good use of opportunities. As humans, we know that the first impression is the last impression; it lasts long in the eyes of the beholder.   We learn from our mistakes. Once bitten, twice shy! Each one of us have some kind of memories associated with some event or things that often taught us great life lessons. But the greatest irony of life is that we commit mistakes repeatedly even after lessons learned.
In this fast moving world, you need to be competitive in every aspect of life, everything!  Countries of this world are competing with each other at the highest level, sending satellites to space.  At this pace, we always need to be ahead!   The survival of the fittest theory applies here.  You need to be fit and full of confidence.  You need to be the best out of the rest.  To be best, you need to do something extra ordinary so that you stand out of the league. Office cultures are amusing at times. The deserving gets nothing and sometimes the non deserving takes it all. They say you need to be the change to see the change. And then there are few who embrace luck. Do you belong to that clan of people who believe in luck? Well, try to fit into the group who want to dream big and go beyond miles to achieve their dreams. How?  Yes, go beyond the extra miles.

Story of Sathya

There have been many instances when you don’t get what you deserve.  During my college days, I had a chance to attend a campus placement for Accenture recruitment drive. I was in a hurry and I had forgotten to shave. I had been a bright student throughout my college days.  I was ascertained to do well.  I cleared all the initial rounds easily. But unfortunately I couldn’t clear the interview as I messed up in the last round.  The HR grilled me left and right and highlighted that I was not serious about the interview. At first I didn’t realize what she was talking about. After contemplating for a while, it dawned to me that the unshaven face was the problem causer. I shed tears outside Panvel Railway station.  A Nigerian tourist came to soothe me. I rested my head on her shoulder and realized how life was! I never knew her but still she came to comfort me.  It was the first failure of my life! That did taste bitter!  Any kind of failure for the first time is bitter.  It was then I learned the biggest mistake of my life. It was indeed a missed chance for me which I still regret now.  I promised myself that the next time I would avoid the lackadaisical attitude and be serious in whatever major things I do. The very next interview I cracked it following the lessons learnt from the Accenture fiasco.  I got a brand attached to my name. I realized that being neat by properly combing you hair and endorsing a cleanly shaved face is a must to make every day best. Would you want to be called a rogue, a thug?  Because most of the ancillary characters in movies sport the bearded look. Why would you want to sport a rugged look, Stubble troubles, baby!  Now, I’m a cleanly shaven guy, a dude, you see!

I performed well in my organization and great opportunities knocked my doors. I no longer embraced luck and gave my fate in the hands of destiny. Confidence grows within, when you become a change driver. A well groomed face was my secret recipe. I got the best out of what I could. Your activities are monitored and the higher management do keep a track of your performances. And that’s why it’s always good to be in your boss’s good book.

Story of Sathya

Time immemorial man has been linked with bravery and strength. A woman’s heart beats for a man who can actually win her heart through his looks and acts. A perfect combination of look and actions could prove to be a deadly weapon to attract a woman! Well, Well! That depends on luck and confidence too. A lot has been said about luck and confidence in the past by several sagacious souls. Yes, Philosophers, Writers, Bloggers, Actors and many have spoken about the same.  It could be brewed into a controversial topic too. Who does a woman like more?  A man with a beard or a man with neat face. Again, a difficult question to answer. When no two woman in this world think alike, then isn’t this a question too tough to answer?  Like life is the sum of all the choices that we make, different opinions that run through her mind depend on her perspective. It’s her choice after all!  But a billion dollar question at this hour is whether to shave or not! A confident man never needs to fret for things that need much attention because he knows it’s his cup of tea after all. And there are few whose thesaurus seems to be haunted by the ‘luck’ word.  Sport a clean shaven look and bring up the best in your life! Never miss opportunities in your life and know that missed chances never knock back. Brew confidence and excel in life. 

Go clean, shaveAttract girls, Impress the Boss, Grab opportunities, Never Regret,  Succeed in life! 

Citing again, first impression is the last impression. 
 I have said yes to a well groomed face. Have you, dudes?

I can cite you one advantage of shaving – It makes you look young and smart. So girls and kids won’t call you ‘Uncle’ . So #WillYouShave ? 
Story of Sathya
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Story of Sathya
Go Clean shave – Be a dude, be young and smart! Be confident! – Made by me

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