Story of Sathya

Fabulous 2 hours @ the Univercell Sync Store

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Story of Sathya
Univercell Sync, Causeway, Colaba

Weekends are bliss for people who love to explore new places. For people like me, who are used to extract their brain to think about logics and algorithm often have many thing to say! I have been a fun loving person throughout my life and the best thing one could ever gift themselves would be to spend some quality time with friends. Their role in your life is beyond words!

Last weekend Indi blogger and Univercell Sync gave bloggers an opportunity to experience what it feels like to be at their Sync Store. This event was held at three different locations across Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai. I boarded a Churchgate local in this journey to experience the Sync! I met my blog buddy Ankit on the way to the venue. After we got down at the Churchgate station, we legged towards the Taxi stand and hailed a taxi to reach the Regal Cinemas. It was the first time that I was visiting this part of the city. My eyes aimlessly strolled around as the taxi took pace, admiring the beauty of this part of the city. It was called the Causeway. We got down and we quickly hunted for the Univercell Sync store. My friend pointed his fingers and that was it! It was the beginning of a new quality experience at the Sync store.  I saw a huge board with a sky-blue background. A text’ Univercell Sync’ was affixed to it, above it was a board stating some inaugural offer for customers. As I entered the store, I could see few familiar faces trying out the fancy photo frames and few others exploring the mobile phones. A representative with a smiling face greeted and welcomed us! Anyone would be pleased when greeted in such a fashion! A smile has great powers, it does wonders! I quickly scanned the store and it was awesome. 

Story of Sathya
Some amazing things that I discovered at the Univercell Sync!

“Guys, Can we have a quick group picture?” I heard a familiar voice from behind. It was Swati and Vineet from the Indiblogger team. We clicked a groupie and the exploration had begun! As I walked around the store, I observed the store representatives clad in smart sky blue Polo T-shirt and Jeans, all with smiling faces. The store was neatly organized with different sections; looking at the walls and the interiors it seemed that a lot of efforts were put to make it neat. I was checking the tablets as I got hold of a representative. 

“I have been to Chennai Univercell before. But I am hearing Univercell in Mumbai for the first time,” I said to Saleem, the representative.

“No sir, we have our presence in Mumbai since last 1.5 years and we have 9 outlets in Mumbai,” he said, his lips curved into a pleasant smile.

“And how many outlets do you have overall across India?” I enquired. I acknowledged him back with a smile.

“Around 470.” he said and guided me to the different sections.

“Wow” I said as my eyes chanced upon a banner written on one of the wall.

“Welcome to a whole new tech-sperience!”  That was fascinating. That text written on the store wall surely grabbed my attention. I witnessed the sight of bloggers visiting the store, and the store Manager and the reps greeted and welcomed everyone!

I entered further as I passed through a narrow passage. On either side of the passage, I witnessed a wall clad with posters of Chat Emoticons. That gave a personal touch to gadget lovers!  This  area hosted the experts who were ready to guide in case of any technical assistance. The Sync squad of Univercell Sync was always ready to help. I explored the section and again the beautifully captioned texts on the wall again grabbed my eye balls. That was creativity at its best! I looked around and saw that this section hosted different accessories. One part of it contained Internet dongles – Vodafone, Airtel etc. Various smart phone accessories could also been seen here. Also, my eyes spotted the Univercell Total Care Kit. I was curious to know more about it. A representative seated at the counter assisted me. He gave me brief insights about the same. 

Story of Sathya
The Smiley clad walls,Technical Expert for personalized help & the gentleman who helped me understand univercell total care

“What is this Univercell total care all about?” I curiously asked the representative.

“It’s a service that we offer to our customers. We have tied up with a company called ‘pick me’ which offers to provide you with any kind of security help in case if you find any issue with your smart device. We provide replacements guaranties and many more services.” he said to me.

A couple of bloggers joined the discussion. The Univercell total care was indeed intriguing!

“Guaranties are also given by the phone vendors, no?” I asked him, perplexed.

“No Sir. They give you warranty and not guarantee. There is a difference between the two. Let me explain you sir,” he said, “They provide you with limited services but they may not replace you with the device in case if it falls in water or motherboard fails and so on.” 

He smiled  and continued, “The advantage with Univercell total care is that it offers safety for your smart phones, free monsoon protection and offers mobile health checkups.”

“And the total care rates are different for different mobile range group, isn’t it?” I asked to which he replied, “Absolutely correct sir.”

I then moved on to the main area of the store where the mobile devices were displayed. The specialty of the store is that it is tactically segregated on the basis of the customer user requirement.  In most stores, you would observe that mobile devices are categorized on the basis of their brand. Here it is not!

There is a section for photo lovers. So this area hosted mobile devices which have high camera quality standards. Along with it, there is a fancy rectangular photo frame. Customers could click funny pictures and keep it with those with them as a souvenir as token of visiting Univercell Sync. I and Ankit clicked quite a few pictures too. One of the store representatives clicked our picture. I got my hands over all the phones placed on the Photo section. 

Story of Sathya
Few bloggers clicking pictures at the point and shoot zone. Capture it. Create it. Share it! Yo!

Another section – for music lovers hosted a lot of phone devices which had good music system. There were headphones attached to it. We could try it out and experience the sound quality and other aspects. I tried few cell phones and it was difficult for me to judge the audio quality as all seemed good to me. Nearby there was a section which hosted only headphones, speakers and music accessories. I tried listening to music from one of the iPad device placed over the synthetic slab.

A smart phone section was also there for customers to check on smart phones with different specifications. So one could try different apps on different brands.  So chances are slim that at other retail stores you get a chance to get live experience of mobile devices. Univercell Sync had a section called – New & Noteworthy where mobile phones that are yet to be released in the market were given. This was something which I loved.

A kid section contained few tablet devices for kids to play games and have fun. I saw one cute little baby of a co blogger trying her hands on the tabs. A work and play section featured business devices that contained smart phones which are used for business purposes. My eyes sneaked past a blackberry phone which sat proudly over the slab. We came across Soumya Menon – the Vice President and the brand strategist at Univercell India. We had a very insightful discussion with her about mobile devices and industry.  She also shared how they came up in selecting the causeway store. The discussion was mainly relevant to phones and smart phone apps.

“These days they have different kind of mobile apps and they have made things easier,” she said during the conversation with few of us.

“Yes and there is this m-indicator launched by some college kids as their project,” Sriram said, “It’s now become so popular that it’s a handy tool for Mumbaikars.”

“Oh how come I didn’t know,” she said, poking incessantly on her touch screen phone. I soon realized that she was downloading the m-indicator app. She tried it and quickly turned towards the store manager Tanvir and asked, “ Tanvir, do we have m-indicator installed on all our phones?”

“No mam!” Tanvir, the store manager replied. She asked the store manager to install the m-indicator app on all the devices.  

Story of Sathya
A Collage of pictures clicked from various sections of Sync store!

I would like to highlight few things about the store. Firstly, the posters and the texts written on the white wall thoroughly impressed me. This was something which I loved. The mobile phones sat on a highly rich stand on the white slab. A specification note sat next to it. The specification note was handy as it contained all the technical aspects of the phone such as RAM, memory, camera specifications etc.  And in case if you come across any issue, then a rep would be standing nearby you just need to call them for assistance. In my case, the rep understood that I was facing some issue while operating the iPad and she quickly came to help me. A prompt response is something which I appreciate. Univercell Sync provides technical support anytime; they claim to resolve customer issues within a minimum time frame. It’s like 6 days or something. For better customer enhancement and support, they have pick and drop services for collecting and delivering the phones. Imagine your phone issues would be fixed and delivered at your door steps. Isn’t that something amazing? 

Story of Sathya
Fun times with friends! The dude in green shirt is Ankit, my friend with whom I came to techsperience Sync!

 I loved the captions written on the walls for the sections. For music section, there was something written related to it. Like, for point and shoot, it was captioned – Capture it, Create it, Share it! Similarly the music and the work and play sections had similar captions.The captions behind all the rep’s t shirts read- Play it, Own it, Live it!

As I was doing my last bit of exploring of mobile phones, Ankit called me from behind.

“Ste, click a picture man,” he said, grinning at me. I drew my eyebrows closer and launched my phone camera.

“Smile,” I said and he said, “no,no smile.Click it candidly as if I am operating and checking this phone.” 

Story of Sathya
Ankit checking out phone.Clicked by ME
I firmly acquiesced to his demands and clicked a picture for him. It was indeed candid and nice picture! As we left, one of the representative gave us a CCD refresher bag with juices, brownies, a mineral water bottle and other eatables. I would always appreciate such gestures. Overall, it was a very wonderful and memorable experience for me.

 “I’m coming here again and will recommend this store to my friends,” I said to Ankit and my other  friends as I walked out of the store. With so much exciting and fascinating features, who wouldn’t visit the Sync store! Let’s sync with the latest technology and smart phones at the Univercell Sync.  Those were the fabulous 2 hours at the Univercell Sync store! Lets Sync! 

In short it was a wonderful experience. Thanks to Indiblogger and Univercell Sync for this fabulous 2 hours at the Univercell Sync store!

Signing Off,

Story of Sathya
Something that caught my eye- amazing captions scribbled for each sections !


Story of Sathya
Phone and the Specification note that I was talking about!

Story of Sathya
Two bloggers checking out some mobile phone. Such a pleasant sight! Welcome to a whole new tech-sperience!

Note – All the Images present in this blog post are clicked by me.

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