Story of Sathya

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 From our school days we have been learning that man is a social animal. Be it from the era of the Neanderthal man or  of the Home Erectus, we all love interacting with people. There are few people with whom we gel well. We share our personal stories with them. Eventually we turn out to be good  friends. That’s obvious! That’s how man was created by the heavenly master. That adds the zest in life for most of us – interacting, mingling and socializing. Eventually the social circle grows stronger. But its observed that these days man has become a technology slave. Well, he gets paid for running behind technology, that’s his bread and butter! Invention of internet and mobile devices has made life even more miserable for most of us. He eventually gets isolated in between! In this rat race, he loses himself. He starts his day afresh but what he gets when he returns back to his nest is nothing but fatigue and tiredness. The social circle starts depleting and eventually all the zest factor in his life is drained out. That’s not how life is supposed to be. There should be  a certain factor in life that would boost you and add to that zest factor! Isn’t motivating and energizing yourself the biggest zest factor for most of us? Well, ideally it should be.

In this blog post I will share few things that adds to the zest factor in my life.By factor, I mean something which makes me happy. Something that makes me feel myself.

1. Driving Aimlessly on an unknown road

Driving could be seen as an art. After acquiring formal training from my driving school trainer, I still couldn’t clear my test. I could clear it only after practicing it again and again. I am not the kind who easily gets disheartened because of failures. I tried hard and next time I passed the test with flying colors. The Police inspector appreciated me and patted on my back. I had learned this art of driving and eventually mastered it. Its my love for driving that energizes me. They say a journey is the best when you don’t  know the destination. Travel along the unknown roads of your city. Traverse the outline of your city map with great enthusiasm. Thats what I love to do – driving! Take your car early morning when the city sleeps. Travel distances all alone. Enjoy the scenic beauty of your city and lose yourself in compete solitude. Travel  late night when most of them retire to sleep. I usually stroll  along the wonderful curves of the Marine drives with my sedan! Do join me, we could discuss our travel adventures! Driving makes me feel happy and adds zest to my life.

Story of Sathya
Source – Google Images. Long Drive at the Marine Drives, Mumbai

2. Company of Kids
Children are gods best creation. Childhood is that phase where most of us  experienced  an amazing life. Imagine demanding toys and gifts and you getting it immediately. Thanks to our doting parents who would never say no to any of our never ending demands. Unfortunately not every child in our country is blessed with lovely parents who would fulfill their wishes and dreams. I play a secret Santa to many of those underprivileged  kids. I am associated with  many NGO’s in Mumbai who work for the welfare and benefit of such impoverished children. I spend my weekends with them most of the time and help them in whatever way I could.I buy them books,toys and play with them. I love teaching those kids.  It brings back the amazing kid in me. It adds  zest in life! Watching the kids play would make your day beautiful. The company of those smiling young faces could brighten up anyone’s day. Sometimes I also invite them at my place for an afternoon lunch. I could proudly say that I have listened to my heart and done every bit I could for those poor helpless children. You could do too! This Zesty experience is something which I would always want to cherish.

Story of Sathya
Source – Google Images. That’s Mr. Shahid Kapoor with kids in needs. πŸ™‚

3. Pampering myself.
Well this doesn’t indicates that I am a self obsessed person or a narcissist. Well these terms are vague when it comes to me. You need to motivate yourself. Reward yourself and pat on your own back. Sometimes you need to derive happiness by self motivating yourself. Aforementioned, failures may dishearten you but its the will power and the never say never attitude that would take you to zenith. Its this attitude that differentiates you from the others. Pampering yourself is not  a sin! It will boost your morale and help you in exploring yourself. This sometimes enlightens my life. I do it! It makes me feel good. When I am down  and give up, I rise up to the challenge and say to myself that ‘You can do it, Ste!’ and yes I do it. Like King Bruce sought inspiration from a spider, you could inspire yourself!  Like me, even you could add zest to your life by pampering yourself! No, its not bad. In fact you should! Think! It adds zest to my life.

Story of Sathya
Source – Google Images

4. Surprising people
I always love surprises and love to surprise others. Its that special feeling that you obtain by surprising someone. It could be anyone – your family, friends, teachers, bosses,peers or even a random stranger. It will invoke a positive energy within you and the person whom you wish to surprise. May be a  toffee or a letter with kind words mentioning about the person would mean a lot to them. It will add zest to your life as well as their life! I have been constantly recharging my friends mobile phone during their birthday. They don’t know its me but they do feel happy and special that someone has done something  for them and I feel bliss especially when they narrate that to me. I do that secretly and usually  hide my identity. I love playing a secret Santa in people’s life! Trust me I have gifted random strangers too! I love to make people smile because their smile makes me smile and thus adds zest to my life.

Story of Sathya
Source – Google Images

5. Sketching
Trust me this should ideally top the Zest list of mine. I do lots of things like reading, writing, painting, blogging, teaching, cooking etc but sketching completes me. Its that feeling which makes me happy. I am completely transported to a different world when I sit on my couch with HB, 2HB, H, 2 B, 3B,4 B,6B ,8B and Charcoal – Bold,Neutral and Heavy pencils with me. These  pencils constitute my sketching kit. I love them. Sometimes when I am low and down, I sit alone in my bedroom with my canvas and start sketching. This build doesn’t implies that I am some famous sketching artist. I am imperfect in lots of way but I strive to
attain perfection  by trying hard again and again.I  take a magazine, spot for some beautiful photos and start sketching it. My eventual goal is to make my sketch look exactly similar to the one in the magazine. But it’s failure most of the time! But I am determined to do it someday. By the way what do I get by doing this? Well, it adds zest in my life!

Story of Sathya
Made by me! πŸ™‚
Apart from these 5 there are many things that adds the zest in my life. One of them is listening to motivational songs that would inspire me. I love songs that touch my heart and soul. One of them is “Oovvoru Pookalumein Solgirethe” song from the Tamil movie Autograph.  You should listen to it. I bet you would like it and filled with positive energy and hopes.

So these were the things that adds zest to my life!

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