Story of Sathya

Ignorance is indeed bliss!

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Story of Sathya

 “Stop fretting about what others think about you.  I know I can be wrong but I just want you to focus on your dreams.” He held his arms around her shoulder and said.

“But its the same every time,” she said. They paused for a while. He took her to a near by garden. They both sat on a chair. As he lit a cigarette,  she glared at him.

He puffed out some smoke as she looked at him through her fiery eyes.
“Sweetheart, it’s like people don’t want you to succeed in life.” He said, dropping the cigarette butt on the ground. He jabbed the cigarette butt with his shoes and continued, “Thats how it operates.”

“I don’t understand,” she said.Her innocent eyes  were moist with tears. She had cried the whole night thinking about  her life.

“Some  people in your life  will come and try to demotivate you.They want you to fall and they derive pleasure on seeing you down. Do not Fret! You always have an option of ignoring them. Focus on your goals and one day you will excel.”

“But what do I do?” she asked.

“Sweety!Many such mischief mongers will come and go in this small life but all that you have to do is to disappoint them. Always remember that somethings matter only to you and your loved ones and ideally it should be that ways. Don’t care what the world has to say.”

“Ignorance is indeed is bliss,”
she thought to  her herself as they walked along the footpath.

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