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Last few days haven’t been good as far as Delhi is concerned. Delhi is lately turning out to be the rape capital of India. Last Sunday an innocent 23 yr oldgirl was brutally raped by a group of 6 men. Her male friend was thrashed on his head with an iron rod and poor guy couldn’t be of much help to her. I condemn this heinous act by those heartless men who ruined this girl’s life. Little did she know that many unexpected events were going to be unfolded during that day. What is wrong with the men of this nation that they perform such ruthless act? I am afraid to announce that Delhi may not be the safest place for women to live. I am sure every woman who walks on the Delhi Street would be having some sort of fear. India is a nation where we have several female goddesses and idols and we all worship them. But sadly even if we did it from our heart, we would have at least 10% respect for women. The Sunday incident shocked me and the entire nation. Later on when I learned about the developments, I realized that this was a tragic event in the girl’s life. I mean I should tell you that entire she is indeed a brave girl. The doctors have been constantly monitoring her and giving positive feedbacks about her health although she is critical. Most of her intestines have been removed and she is under life support and ventilator. This incident is not the first rape incident in this country. This serves as an alarm for the people of India. The severity and the intensity of this incidenceis high. Doctors are shocked and speechless after seeing the injuries and the physical damages borne by the woman. She was brutally raped to such an extent that even if she survives it would be difficult for her to lead a normal life. What has the poor thing done to those groups of goons? The media has been instrumental in reaching the mass and public outrage is increasing day by day.

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 I want to ask the people just one question. Where did you disappear when such incident occurred in front of your eyes?. I am not highlighting the Delhi gang rape incident. Even in the Delhi gang rape thing, when the semi naked bodies of the victims were thrown out of the bus, there were people standing who were busy watching. I hate this behaviour of people who can’t never really do something but finally strive to be the voice of change. This is one of the few countries where women are physically abused and mouthing bad words related to females are considered great sign of masculinity. This is the dark side of our nation. Over lakhs of women are physically exploited and abused every day. Luckily this Delhi incident surfaced and we all came to know about this. We aren’t even aware of how many rapes happen every day. It is estimated that in India every 20 min a girl is being raped and every 9 seconds a girl is physically abused. What about those girls?. We get outraged once in a while when something of this intensity happens? . We are aware of the Aruna Shaunbag case, a practising nurse who was brutally raped by the compounder. The accused was released after being jailed for 7 yrs. But do we know what is the condition of the woman who suffered this cruel act. Even after 37 years she is in a ‘vegetative State ‘ and same is the case with other girls who are fighting for justice. The scars of hurt won‘t heal fast and remember that they do remind about the incident forever in their lifetime.

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Reading a lot about this Delhi gang rape thing just disgusts me. Every day I come across 100’s of post on my Facebook wall and umpteen numbers of petitions for this Delhi thing.  Facebook wall is flooded with hate comments and messages and at this point of time, I feel stupid to say anything to them. Why don’t they understand that by showing your support on a social networking website or a forum will do no good. Changing your display to a black dot will not bring change. To bring a change, you should be the voice of change. Get out of your home and do the needful if you have to bring change in your nation. Changing your cover photos and Facebook profile picture, posting stupid updates, demanding capital punishment for the rapists will not help. Barking on Facebook will not bring the change. I am happy to see that people are going out to streets in support of the Delhi gang rape victim. But we all know what is going to happen. We as a citizen of this nation can only do our bit to support the girl in every possible way. After all demanding justice for someone isn’t a bad thing to do for you are fighting for your own daughter, sister, wife ,mother and every single woman of this country. I feel bad to know the sorry state of woman in this country. While discussing about this topic, one of my friend asked me about the hype being created. She informed me about different other cases. One of them was rape of a 20 day old baby. Such a cruel act it was. There are many 8 yrs old, several 16 yrs old, and many 25 yrs old who are raped and abused everyday in different part of the country by their relatives, own father, brother and boyfriends. Why don’t we protest for them?. After all a rape is a rape. Being a man I feel bad to say that it’s difficult to see such things happening in my country. The other day I read a news article by Vivek Kaul. He spoke about rich being easily given gateway to escape and poor offenders are being caught. I don’t agree with him. Whether it be rich or poor, an offense is an offense. 
justice delayed is justice deniedThe only difference is that rich have money to come out easily and poor don’t have any support. I come across people demanding capital punishment for this case. We all are going to die some day and capital punishment will do the same. What is the logic behind giving them a capital punishment? Even if they are given Capital Punishment, by default they would live for a minimum of 25 years as per our Country’s past record. After 25 years, the accused will apply for clemency and someone kind enough like Ex-President Prathiba Patil will forgive the rapists and their sentence would be converted to lifetime. I feel that the fiends should suffer the same pain the girl suffered while she was brutally assaulted. They all should be tortured to death. Outraged mob talks about chemical castration,bobbitization etc .Even if the girl survives, she is going to suffer. The social stigma attached with the society will not let her live peacefully. I get upset every time I read something about it and feel sorry for the girl.
Story of Sathya
The Government won’t do a bit to stop the inhuman atrocities and crimes against women. If they really cared about the security of women, then such thing wouldn’t be happening at the first place. Why does their eyes open after such things happen? .I agree that such things can’t be foreseen in advance but there should be some mean by which we could do something. Stop eying every woman who walks on the road. Treat them with respect. Respect comes from the individual’s upbringing and it should be initiated from the grassroots level. Parents should play an important role in an individual’s life. An Individuals behaviour and attitude only reflects the way you have been raised. Afteral no parents would like to raise a goon and no one was born as a criminal. Do you believe that ours is the only country where girls are asked to do the household works and son’s are send to school to pursue education? There is no means by which crimes can be stopped and there should be a control over it. Ours is a democratic nation. It’s for the people, by the people and to the people. Government should do something for the citizen. People would get angry and such incidents would invoke anger and hatred. It’s the duty of the Government to control things and provide an assurance that such things won’t happen in future. But there is no response from their side. How will setting up fast track courts help to address this issue?.I believe that the punishment should be severe and should serve as a lesson to everyone. Anyone performing this act should think twice before doing that. This is the first of its kind and the punishment should be the first of its kind too. As I write this, my heart goes to the victim girl who is battling for life. I hope she recovers soon and the guilty gets the highest possible punishment.  The Opposition party will try to utilize this incident as a best strategy and might create an agenda for the same. They want to bring down the ruling party in the next Lok Sabha election. And even if they win, I don’t think any party could actually address such problems in future. The middle class would refrain from getting themselves indulged into any such matters. They would prefer sitting at home and watch India TV and Aaj Tak. Those who want change would toil it hard to bring the change. Remember that Mahatma Gandhi  did it for our country to get us freedom from the Englishmen. You have to do it for the betterment of your country. Remember that this is your nation and such incident is not only a shame to the Country but also shame to you as you represent your nation and each one of us are  the brand ambassador of this country. We have to bring the change, be the voice of change. If not now, then it can never ever happen. Roar it loud – be the change.

Learn to respect women. She is a sensitive creature. Your mother is a woman, your wife, your sister and your daughter is a woman and moreover the one whom you worship everyday is a woman too. I have a dream , a dream where every woman would be able to walk on the streets and breath freely without any fear.At this point, I feel sorry for the 1000’s of other women who are physically abused, molested, raped and hurt every day in different corners of our country. May Lord give courage and strength to you all. Respect her!!. Open you Eyes – Wake up India 
Story of Sathya

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