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22 ways you can spot an Anti-National in India

22 ways to find an Anti-National In India

India has seen a lot of intolerance – tolerance and national – anti-national debate over the last few years. This division has caused a rift and this resulted in a birth of new species called anti-nationals.  So, if you say anything against the sentiment of the country , then behold you might be tagged as an anti-national by a group of sadhu’s , saints and chamcha’s of the cow loving party of India.

Everyone has a special place for their country in their heart. Of course, the nation comes first to anyone. But for an anti-national, India comes at last on their priority list. Their love for their nation eventually  declines at some point in time. So , let us see how to identify an anti-national.

1. Rational 

They are self-proclaimed Rationalists.  They tend to be logical and will take you down in any discussion by providing facts and statistics. Stay away from these guys. They will kill it with logics and make you less patriotic.

2. Liberal

Anti-nationals are liberal minded and they never learn towards the essence of the nation. They are fondly called as Libtards. Are you one? These are the people who return the government awards, raise their voice against the Government and so on. Some popular faces include Swara Bhaskar, Kunal Kamra, Akash Banerjee, Javed Akthar etc.

3. Secularism

Story of Sathya

Secularism might be a fabric of India. But  there is some group of them who want to remove this word from the Indian constitution. Anti-Nationals are those who are secular and talk about rights of individuals from all communities in India. 

4. They Aren’t Religious

 Their religious sentiments are held loose. Anti-Nationals are least bothered about different kinds of rituals and they keep individuals ahead of religion. They don’t believe in Gods!

5. They eat Beef

  Anti-Nationals consume beef. The  cow is our  mother and how dare they consume beef. It’s like hurting Bharat Maa. They deliberately arrange beef eating festivals in order to hurt Indian sentiments.

6. Never believe in the power of Goumutra

Once our great baba Ramdev said that Goumutra is the best form of disinfectant and cures many  diseases. So, if you are an anti-national then you won’t believe in the power of Goumutra.

7. A non-believer of ancient Indian inventions

Story of Sathya

You would gain animosity if you admit that you don’t believe in ancient Indian inventions. Believe it or not, it was an Indian who invented the Airplane before the Wright brothers. Us Indians are the minds behind the first head transplant of Lord Ganesha. Pythagoras cried because of us Indians. If you don’t believe it, then you are an anti-national.

8. Enemies of Bhakts

Story of Sathya

  Anti-Nationals are the greatest enemies of Bhakts, a new species of Indians who came into existence after Modi Ji came into power. It’s the war that can go strong because both of them are good at arguing and their skills can be put to a test. Do you hate Bhakts? You are an anti-national!

9. Modi Haters

Story of Sathya

All the Modi haters can be labelled as anti-nationals. Modi Ji is the symbol of patriotism. Never ever, ever, never question Modi Ji’s love for the country. Anti-Nationals always tend to question about Modi’s role in the 2002 Gujarat Riots. They never forget 2002. 

10. Follow Anti-National Facebook Pages

 Like Anti-National , Like Anti-National Pages. These are the people who follow Anti-National Pages on Facebook like – Unofficial – Subramaniam Swamy, Beef Janata Party, Logical India, Unofficial Narendra Modi and so on. They never fail to share their anti-national posts.

11. Frustrated Indian

They are the ones who post rational comments on national posts on the Frustrated Indian Facebook Page adding to the frustration Quotient (FQ) of the Frustrated Indian.

12. Question about Modi Ji’s degree

Story of Sathya

 Anti-Nationals are often found questioning about Modi Ji’s degree. They are keen on finding his degrees because they think that Modi Ji never went to school.

13. Keen on finding Modi Ji’s customers 

Story of Sathya

  They want to know about  people who were Modi Ji’s customers who drank Chai made by Modi during his childhood. They post memes and share jokes on Modi Ji’s childhood.

14. Don’t appreciate Modi Ji

They never appreciate Modi Ji. Recently Modi Ji received some 50 claps and standing ovations. But Anti-Nationals would snap it and  post facts about previous PM’s who got similar standing ovations.

15.  Never believe in Acts of God’s 

They won’t call disasters that happen because of man  as acts of God. According to Modian philosophy, if your state is ruled by a bad administrator and if any non-natural disaster happens , then that is an act of God.  Anti-Nationals won’t buy this theory.  

16. Would call BJP’s pre-election campaigns as conspiracy to POLARIZE votes by causing communal tensions.

  According to them, BJP’s pre-election campaigns are a conspiracy to Polarise votes by causing drifts and conflicts between the Hindus and the Muslims.

17. Hate Anupam Kher, Pahlaj Nihlani, Gajendran, Subramanian Swamy et al

 They  detest Anupam Kher, Pahlaj Nihlani, Gajendran, Subramanian Swamy who are pro-BJP and support all the policies of the ruling party.

18. Baba, Sadhu and Sadhvi haters

Anti-Nationals hate Baba’s , Sadhu’s and Sadhvi’s who share their thoughts about peace and unity in our country. This Cake is a lie , Okay? 

19. Questions BJP Corruption but not Congress’s

Anti-Nationals emphasise more on BJP scams like Vyapam ,Chikki and lot more. They keep their mouth shut when it comes to Congress scams. They defend Nehruvian and Gandhian ideologies and question about RSS and right principles.

20. Non-Supporter of BJP

Anti-Nationals never support BJP or Right ideology.  If you never support BJP, then you are outright Anti-National.

21. Raise Questions on Modi Government schemes and policies

Anti-nationals often ask questions about the GST, Demonetization, CAA NRC acts etc.

22. Don’t watch pro-government channels by News anchors

They don’t watch pro-government news channels like Republic TV, Zee News, ABP News, News Nation etc.

So, see now I taught you how to spot an anti-national. Be good and don’t fight okay? 

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