Story of Sathya

169. Loved & Lost – 1

This is a real Story!!
Somethings in life often teaches you a great lesson.My Life has been a wonderful teacher for me.It has disappointed me at times.Most of these disappointments has often lead to an awkard predicament. I envy those people who are in love. I’m jealous of them.Should I tell you the story of my nascent love. After loving someone for three years I realized that it wasn’t love.It was infatuation,an illusion or rather a one sided stupidity.My futile love has debilitated me.

The name ‘Isha’ reminds me of my junior college days.She was my best friends’ girlfriend.We were a gang of spoiled brats who aimed at nothing.Our life was goal less as we were deeply inspired by parties and western culture.During one of those wild night parties,I met this gorgeous young lady of 17 who was introduced to me as “Isha Gill” who was my best friend Aneesh’s girlfriend.

Story of Sathya

“Ronnie meet Isha,” Aneesh said.
“Hey young lady looking gorgeous ehh!,” I said to her.
“By the way this is Ronnie Matharu,” I added.
Hello Ronnie,pleased to meet you,” she said to me.
“Dude, don’t hit on her or ogle at her.She is mine,” Aneesh winked at me.
“I won’t,” I smiled back.

It was the night we met for the first time.Since then we always used to be together.We used to roam around together and party together.’ENIGMA’ used to be our clubbing headquarter.Saturday night always used to be fun during those teen days.Those were the days when I saw my best friend kissing his girlfriend voraciously.Sometimes he used to behave as if she was the only beautiful girl left on earth.

Days passed and I got to know more about Isha.Now we became good friends.It was our 12th Std exams and after that we seldom used to meet.It wasn’t a graceful farewell as we quit our junior college.I had a small tiff with my best friend.Since then he stopped talking to me. I’d to leave for my home after my 12th.Momma was worried for me and she wanted to meet me.But if I’d to leave Mumbai then I would’ve to leave Isha forever.I failed to recognize that I started liking my best friends girlfriend.I convinced Momma that I won’t be going back to Amritsar. Sooner I got admitted to a ‘not so’ famous Engineering college in Mumbai.By then I’d lost my cell phone and hence I lost everything including Isha’s contact details.I started missing her badly.I used to go to ‘ENIGMA’ and search for the pretty girl.But everytime disappointment awaited me.I could not find her anywhere.I didn’t knew if my feelings for her could be justified.
Story of Sathya
I started loving her may be it was just an infatuation.My love for her was ineffable.Since school days I’ve been known as a womanizer and a flirt,but now I could feel a drastic change in my behavior and attitude.The last time I saw Isha was the day when I fought with Aneesh.She tried her best to stop us from fighting but she was helpless.Months passed and even years ,but I could not find her.I didn’t want to meet Aneesh once again in my life.So I couldn’t knock him for help as he loved Isha.One day as I was checking my email I got a new email message.I curiously clicked on the mail to see what was written.

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