Story of Sathya

We are One…..

We all share a Common thing amongst us.No matter we are different by name,caste,religion or community,its one word that bounds us.It is the feeling that bounds us together ,it unites us.We all live in a country like India and it is in this country that we have lived since our childhood.We have shared many things together in this country.
We cried when India lost to SriLanka in the 2007 world cup finals.We love the people who represent our country at International level.Wheter it be a Sportsperson,Politician or an Actor.In all fields , wheter it be Science,Arts or Technology we would like our country to be the first.This country had provided us shelter and we owe many thing to this land.
We were overjoyed when India won the T2O championship in South Africa.We ran across the street to celebrate the event.We started seeing MSD as our idol .It is this country in which we learnt many moral values ..we know how to love our neighbours despite they insult us or annoy us.
We all were shattered Tsunami struck India and neighbouring countries.We never knew each other ,despite we helped them like our very own family men.This is what we call as Indianness.Its the feeling that every Indian shares.Lets be one and bring this country to success and progress.Despite of various advances in Technology and other fields ,we are still a developing nation.Lets unite and lead our country to a bright future.We are the one who are responsible for this.Lets promise that we will be one under any circumstances.

Lets the strategy be “United we stand,Divided we fall”

Lets be a true Indian first ……. let us do contribute something to our country ……..lets see our country emerge as a rising power ..

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