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Sandeep Balan, a Mallu…from God’s own country, devil’s own backyard!I have been a nomad throughout my life.

– Sandeep Balan’s trademark reply whenever he was asked to introduce himself.

Writer’s Lounge is like my Ventilator.

– Writer’s Lounge was an online blogging community from 2008 that was co-founded by Sandeep and his friends Asbah, and Stephen

I have never planned anything in life, everything just shaped itself. On my part, I have just made sure that I live every second king-size because life does not give you a second chance and you don’t wish to look back after 30 years and sigh that you could have enjoyed so much, had you done this, had you done that…had you decided on this…had you decided on that

– Sandeep Balan when asked about his life

“Study” is a very inappropriate term here.By using that you are giving me an indication that you are not loving what you are doing. When you “learn” that is when you enjoy things, that is when you enjoy a course, listen to your heart…Don’t follow the crowd…follow your heart.

– Sandeep Balan when asked about his college days

I will sleep over it ya. If that’s the fate, you can’t change it so why frown. Why get tense. Why miss out on those dreams that mind plays in its theatre every single night. So I will sleep. I won’t regret dying.

– Sandeep Balan’s response to a question ‘What will you do if you die tomorrow?’

I have never made any enemies in my life. I am surrounded by friends, friends who care, friends who may go to any lengths for a smile and I have enjoyed every moment of the past 25 years of mine, smiling and making others smile. When you have gifted smiles to others, it is a divine feeling…you feel blessed.

– Sandeep’s words of wisdom from 2008

I believe in the power of the human mind to transform hell into heaven

I believe in the power of “self-belief”

I believe in the power of “love”

I believe in the power of “trust”

I feel the biggest quality one can possess is the ability to laugh on himself/herself

We need some stress busters at the end of the day! There are only a handful of people who attempt humor. I believe its the toughest job to make people laugh at your jokes. It’s very easy to put across your emotions but to cook something up which has people in splits, its damn tough!

I do understand the importance of what I have created. I do understand the importance of being able to live…I do understand the importance of being able to breathe. I do understand the importance of being able to inspire. I do understand what “Writers Lounge” means for me

Blog is the inhaler I use to clean up my choked nose called “life”. This choke can be defined as “struggles” which can only be decimated when you use a support system. Blog for me becomes that. Ensuring that i breathe freely. Every time!

That’s how life is. A never ending search. Things are never hiding from you, they are searching for you all the while. All that is required is a stroke of luck and some efforts.

1) Beautiful eyes – because eyes are the windows to one’s soul…And I would love to see me when you look in those eyes. Because I think when you are soulmates your soul become one

2) Caring nature – She would understand me and know when I need her without my saying a word

3) Love – Showering me with her unadulterated love 24×7…

4) Being “Herself”- when she is with you she is “herself”, no force can then break this bond!

5) Being “Mad” – I am a total crackpot, my soulmate would be the same, no…a pagli!

– In 2008, Sandeep was asked about the 5 characteristics that he wanted in his soul mate.

 Ingredients for making Sandeep Balan: 1 kg cartoon characters…500 grams philosophers…2 kg jokers…200 grams sentiments…700 grams fun and heat it on a medium flame…stir while heating

 There is no definition of true love. No one knows what is true love. There is no explanation anywhere given that defines “true love” for you. It is what you think and likes to believe. I have never seen a couple when they are in love fall short of branding it as “true love”. And then they break up. But that does not mean that “true love” is non-existent. It is like a flower which blooms in a desert.

You don’t know what caused it to bloom despite the unfavorable circumstances. It turns out to be the one drop of rain that found its way to make the flower bloom. The flower knows when it happens, so does the raindrop realize that it has been the reason for the flower to bloom. Its the knowledge. The acknowledgment. The understanding. You know. You don’t have to force-fit true love into the scheme of things. If it is, you will know. You feel the difference.

We inspire…We intoxicate…We create magic… “T-O-G-E-T-H-E-R”even a letter missing would end the spell

Sandeep Balan is a storyteller by passion, and the web-series & short films written by Sandeep include – What’s Your Status, Rise, Mr. Das, Born Free & Half Ticket that have over 150 million views online. The ‘Half Day Office Rant’ scene written by him was one of the most viral content pieces in the country in 2018!

The ‘Sleep Internship’, ‘Instant Beer Mix’ and ‘Holiday Rant’ videos written by Sandeep Balan went insanely viral once again! The web series, ‘What’s Your Status’, won him the ‘Best Writer (Drama)’ nomination at the 10th Annual Indie Series Awards this year. His earlier web series, ‘RISE’, was the only Indian selection at the Los Angeles Web Fest and was showcased at Sony Studios, Hollywood in 2018.

Sandeep Balan Amazing Quotes

With over 12 years of experience in Digital Marketing, Sandeep Balan started his career with Idea Cellular Ltd. in 2007. He was instrumental in setting up Idea Cellular’s digital vertical and establishing its strong brand presence on digital. During his stint there, Idea won the ‘Digital Brand of the Year’ at Campaign India Digital Marketing Awards 2010 for its outstanding digital campaigns.

In 2011 he headed to Star India Pvt. Ltd. and led digital strategy as part of the team that launched ‘Life OK’, a Hindi GEC.

In 2012 he joined United Breweries Ltd., as Head of Digital Marketing. Among the leading brands on digital in the country, Kingfisher’s digital campaigns, technology innovations, and online-offline integrations have been covered extensively across all media. The content collaboration with TVF to come up with the web-series ‘Pitchers’, resulted in 40 Million+ views & turned ‘Tu Beer Hai’ into a hipster household catchphrase.

Sandeep Balan has been a part of multiple award-winning digital campaigns over the last decade. Recipient of the prestigious Aditya Birla Chairman’s Award 2010 in the ‘Young Achiever’ category; he was also the youngest of the lot to be featured among 8 futuristic brand heads of India by a leading social media blog. 

Rag picker was a guest post written by Sandeep Balan for this blog.

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