Story of Sathya
It was not in his nature to bend and it was not in her nature to break. They both were Tom and Jerry, a lovely couple, who once used to be best friends who got married.  He loved her but never did anything to express his affection towards his beloved. She liked him initially but after marriage, she realized that they were not made for each other.

Everyone was jealous of this lovely couple when they walked hand in hands.  Life was never the same after marriage.  He promised her a life of togetherness but these days they seldom spoke to each other.  It was a day in the winters of 2015.

It was a breezy evening. As usual,  Bindu had prepared the dinner for her husband Anuj. It was a special day in their life. It was the day when they both met each other for the first time at the tender age of 14.  Bindu was raised in a small town of Nilgiri. Anuj’s family had settled in Mumbai, the city of dreams for many. Anuj’s father had migrated to Mumbai in the early Nineteen Eighties in pursuit of better opportunities.  He soon married a pretty woman belonging to an affluent family.  This couple was blessed with a baby boy whom they named Anuj. Anuj had everything that he could even dream of!  He possessed all kinds of gaming devices and gadgets but he craved for true love. Anuj’s father never wanted his children to forget their roots. It was the reason why he always took Anuj and his brother Shivay to his ancestral village in Nilgiri. It was during those days when Anuj got a glimpse of Bindu who was helping her mother in the farm. There was something peculiar about her. The way she smiled, the way she walked and the way she spoke. Anuj was instantly attracted towards her. They began to talk and Anuj, Bindu and Shivay became good friends. 
It is said that time flies but as time flew Bindu and Anuj’s bond became thick and strong.  They both were fond of each other. Anuj would visit her during his vacations and there wasn’t a single moment where he didn’t think about her. She stayed in his mind and visited him in his dreams. She was magnificent!  Being raised in a metro city, Anuj was modern and had many friends who used to hang out with him only for his money. But he craved for true love and there was a void in his life. Bindu filled that void. With their parent’s consent, they both tied the knot. 
It was the best days of her life. Bindu loved Anuj and she was a part of his life. They both completed each other. Anuj wanted Bindu to be modern and dress up like how the girls dress in Urban cities. Being born in a village, she abided by cultural values and wore traditional dresses. 
It was a cold night. The cake was placed on the table. Anuj sang the happy birthday song.  
“Happy Birthday Bindooooo…ooo” Anuj sang.
He gave her a box.  Visibly excited, she quickly removed the gift wrapping. Bemused, she looked at her gift. It was a royal white dress, embroidered and neat. It was an elegant looking dress. 
“My heart dances in joy and desires to see you in this attire.” Anuj  said and asked, “Will you fulfil my wish?” 
Speechless, Bindu stood there for a moment not knowing what to say. 
“What’s wrong?” He asked, curiously.
“This dress won’t look good on me,” she said and placed aside the dress on the box.
Furious Anuj snapped back at her, “Oh C’mon this is my wish!”
“I never asked you for anything more,” he requested.
“Anuj.. understand,” Bindu said, her eyes fixated on the dress.
“I am not used to wearing this kind of clothes,”  she said.
“Whats wrong with this dress?”  He asked.
He put his arms around her shoulder and asked, “Tell me!”
“Tell you what!” she asked.
“Whats bothering you?” He asked.
“Life isn’t about the clothes that you wear. It’s  about the values,” she said and continued, “since childhood, I was taught great values and I place humans first!”
“Costly dresses don’t amuse me!” she grimaced.
“I am sorry, Anuj,”  she said.
There was a deafening silence for few minutes. 
“I am not asking you to go naked,” he yelled.
“Anuj… mind your words,” she said and went inside her room.

The birthday turned out to be a disaster. It was the first crack on their bond.  Cupid had slowly started drifting away from their life. She was upset with him and the way he spoke. His words resonated in her mind every night she confronted him.  Slowly it turned more into a formal relationship. He only spoke when he wanted something from her. She cooked delicious food but things had changed drastically. He no longer appreciated her beauty and they were getting accustomed to this life. 
Two years passed and her eyes chance upon the white dress that lay in one corner of her closet.  She started missing Anuj.  
She badly wanted to get the old days back but it was too late.  
“I love you Anuj,” she would scream in his absence and tears would copiously roll down her cheeks.
She desperately wanted him back. She wanted to hug him tight and wanted to tell him that she was her world. 
She took out the white dress from the closet. 

Story of Sathya

The next morning, the 7 AM alarm blared violently.  Anuj had his breakfast and left for his office. He used to work from 8 AM to 6 PM and used to come home late.
As soon as he left the home,  she freshened up and cleaned the house. She recollected that Dum Biryani was his favourite food. She quickly wore the white dress that her husband had gifted him two years back. She looked like a princess and looked stunning. 
She wanted to fulfil her husbands wish, a wish to see her in the white dress. 
She pulled the curtain aside and looked out at the window.
The clock struck 5 and a familiar hand touched her from behind. It was Anuj! 
“I love you,” she hugged him tight. 
He smiled at her and said, ” I never lived a moment all these days without talking to you.” 
“I desperately wanted to talk to you but I realized that you were mad at me,” he continued,” I am sorry for everything.”
“Forget all that has gone. Bygone days are bygone!” she said and continued “How do I look?” 
“I loved the village girl more…” He winked. 
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