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Hey Hi!

The past few weeks have been disastrous. Work has kept me away from my blog for a significant period of time and I believe that it is not a good thing for someone who considers himself creative. 

So, this is a general post that will highlight why I am busy these days. The past few months have been busy but yes many great things have happened. This April I got a chance to take part in the April Challenge 2017 for the second time. I also happened to discover a new community known as Blog chatter. I made some good friends there. Thereby , my blog’s Alexa rank improved a  lot in that particular month.  From 1.8 Million to 4 lakh is a big thing. I am glad that  I happened to meet these folks.  Workwise, I have been working on several releases, QA, Testing, Audits, Documentation have been the tasks that I have been working on. At times , it’s too tiresome but I can’t pay less attention to something that’s the sole reason for my bread and butter. 

I have grown lazy and I don’t find reading and writing interesting. It’s not that I don’t want to blog. I want to but most of the time  I get tired. The fatigue factor is something that keeps me away from my laptop. Frankly I need a break and I am desperately working on it. I have been working on refining my skills. There are many things to be done and I feel demotivated. A couple of tiffs with my close buddies has disturbed me. 

SO today to ensure that I keep this blog alive, I thought of penning something on this page. 
IPL is also happening and today happens to be the final of the Indian Premier League 2016 and I am confused on whom to support. Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) is my favourite and SunRisers Hyderabad (SRH) is a league apart.  It is a quality side with a brilliant bowling attack. 

So, I am going to watch the match and get back to you guys later. So until that time , tell me how are you and what all you guys have been doing ? 
I will  get back to you soon. 

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