Story of Sathya

And I never saw her again..

Frustrated, I looked around for help. I had to get my assignment copies and get it submitted the next day. 
“Prasanth, dude did you send me the Matrix code?” I quickly dialled my friend’s number for help and asked him.
“Yes, I just emailed you,” he said,” It’s working…just compile and run it.” 
“Thanks, man!” I said and disconnected the phone. 
With a smile, I logged into my Gmail account and I saw an add request by the name Swati Bohra.
I was wondering who this Swati  could be and after thinking for a while my poor memory couldn’t recollect anyone by this name. I accepted her friend  request and downloaded the program that Prasanth  send me.
At the same time, I got a ping on the Gmail Chat.

Swati – Hey Stephen 🙂 
Me – Hello, Do I know you?
Swati – Actually I got your ID from your Orkut college network. And I had to discuss something.
Me –  Oh what do want to discuss?
Swati – I want you to contribute for
Me – What is that ?
Swati – It’s a portal where students from colleges across India connect and share contents. Since you are an active member of your college forum and a blogger, you could contribute to this network.

And that was how it all started. It was a formal discussion. And it all started with a Hi.
From a formal hello, the friendship groomed to the next level and we soon turned out to be the best of friends. It’s funny how time flies and you meet strangers who eventually turn out to be friends. Swati was someone who was just another random online person for me.  

We got to know each other closer and we both were young then. It was 7 years back. We are not in touch anymore.  While rummaging through my mailbox for some important mail, I accidentally came across a chat message by her name – Swati Bohra.
Reading the name got me back to the memory lane.  Nostalgia!  It invoked a smile on my face. I went on to read the conversation and I realise how stupid I was during my young days. I was a fun loving  and a more stupid person.  After analysing the conversation, I soon realised that particular chat was something more personal and how ignorant I was!

Swati – Hey where were you? Why don’t you pick my phone call?
Me – I have a news for you
Swati – And what is that?
Me – I am getting married. 😀 
Swati – You getting married? Really?
Me – Yes 😀
Swati – that’s so funny and I thought I was in love with you. Shit!
Me – And I am kidding 😀 
Swati – And mera pehla pyar Adhura reh gaya! ( And my first love remained incomplete) 
Me – Hey that’s a prank. Go and comment on my status now 😛
Swati – Oh shit, I just confessed. 

I was dumbstruck as I read those chat. How weird that I had ignored her feelings!
Curious, I dug deep into our chat archives and I got more proofs that I had been an ignorant fool. For days, I had ignored her feelings and I realise it after 7 years.  Those were our young days! And I was a stupid fool during my young days.
Has it also happened to you ? 

Story of Sathya

Unfortunately, I got busy with my life and I never saw her again. 

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