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8 Proven Ways To Kill Stress Before It Kills You

8 methods to kill stress before it kills you

Life in the 21st century is hectic. In the search of bread and butter, we run behind materialistic things that affect our mental state of mind. Stress can be harmful. It is a secret killer that introduces a host of lifestyle diseases. Hypertension and Diabetes are few that are linked to an unhealthy lifestyle. It’s our responsibility to ensure that we don’t fall prey to this silent killer.

There are many ways to kill stress like staying positive. But it’s easier to say than to be! Another thing is to do things that you love the most. Yes, a hobby is the right word here. It’s high time you start developing hobbies and get rid of the stress before it kills you.  It’s just a matter of time. 

Cultivating a hobby is an essential thing in today’s stressful life. To overcome all the stress, we need to free our minds from elements that induce it in the first place. Everyone should develop a hobby! You know Life is too short to fill it with stress and pressure. It’s understandable that we earn bread and butter for our loved ones. But that doesn’t mean that we hurt our health by thinking too much about things that should actually be given less attention.

Life is beautiful, in fact, it should be! When I was young, I developed lots of habits. I was good at studies but I fared poorly in Sports.  But still, I managed to play a few sports. But that was only after completing my studies. My supreme commander would never let me play without completing my studies. Yes, my Supreme commander, my Mum!   I am highlighting the importance of developing hobbies. Hobbies don’t need to be adventurous.

Little things that can give you enormous happiness can also be counted on it. Be it any kind of creativity. My sister is a crochet master. She is an expert in creating any kind of crochet and embroidery patterns because she loves doing it. When she does it she is completely transported to a different world. That’s a good way to keep yourself busy, isn’t it? Today I’m going to talk about different kinds of hobbies that can free you from all the stress that has invaded your life.   

1. Sketching/ Drawing

kill stress before it kills you

Sketching comes naturally to me. Not that I’m an expert sketch artist. I love to experiment but I’m not perfect. When I surf through the Instagram sketch artists work on Instagram, it amazes me. The level of perfection that they have achieved through their art is indeed mesmerizing and inspiring. As I said, I am not perfect, it’s just that I  adore scribbling.  

Sketching and Drawing are something that has been a part of me since my school days. I learned it from my elder sister who was perfect and she could draw any person by just looking at them and that too with 100% accuracy. Why don’t you try? You don’t need a fabulous drawing kit for it. Just try with a normal HB pencil and that would suffice. I have the kit that I hardly use. I just use the normal 2B pencil for sketching. But I’m learning every day.

2. Knitting/Crochet/ Embroidery/ Weaving

Story of Sathya

 I agree that this is the most difficult thing to do because you got to practice it. And with practice nothing is impossible. Just google for videos or better search for patterns and DIYs on Youtube. Youtube is the prime messiah for anyone who wants to learn.  Knitting, Crochet, Embroidery, and Croquis drawing may not only be a Fashion Designer arena.  It could be anyone’s if you show interest in it. Learning is life and its a process. It never stops. Free yourself from anything that haunts your mind and snatches peace from your life. Adopt a hobby  

3. Flash Fiction/ Story writing/ Blogging/Poetries

Story of Sathya

Fiction writing is fun. It is something that invokes the imaginary fiction cells from my brain and puts it to test. Every time I’m idle I make my brain operate and cook an imaginary tale. It can go up to any extreme level. Because the primary job of a writer is not just to make their readers read the book and know about their characters.

In fact, it is about dancing with their characters and seeing them through the eyes. If you are able to achieve that then you are a good writer. I love writing and every time I write, I  want to produce something better and fabulous that can make my readers smile. Writing is of many forms. You could write poetry, 55 Fiction, 6 Words story, Humour, Reviews, etc. But people generally do it as a part of a profession but you can do it as a medium to defeat stress. Let not stress defeat you. It can be dangerous.  


Story of Sathya

 Reading is considered as the greatest stress buster by many but I personally detest reading. You might be surprised such things coming from me because you might think that I’m a blogger and I love writing but not reading. Yes, that’s true. It is a tedious process. I am particularly choosy about the books that I read.

When books don’t amuse me then I don’t pick it up in the first place. These days since lesions, stents, collaterals, vessels, and grafts are haunting me, I am reading books only when authors send me to review it. And I happily do it. Between, there is news that I have to make at this point in time. Our Anthology is releasing soon and ensure that you read it and let me know your feedback.  

5. Music

Story of Sathya

Music is the messiah! It is a supreme stress buster for me. It embraces me and offers solace to me when I am down or low or filled with too many stuff to do. Avicci , OneRepublic and Paramore are my favorite bands. Wake me up, Hey Brother, You are my Only exception, Something I need are few of my favorite numbers. I also listen to some  awesome Bollywood and Tamil songs. What are yours? A German Research says that Music is an ultimate stress buster and most people prefer listening to music to kill Stress.  

6. Photography

Photography is a passion for many and this many includes me too. I own a Nikon DSLR and, to be honest, I haven’t found time to explore my camera yet. You could see the Photography Link on this blog to see a few of my work. A DSLR doesn’t make you a photographer. You can take good photographs from a mobile phone too.  It is interesting and it is something that I do to kill stress. Are you a photographer too?  

7. Cooking

Story of Sathya

Cooking and Experimenting with Food is my forte. Staying away from home for 4 years proved instrumental in creating the chef in me. North India was the worst thing that happened to me.  Those days would be full of  Rajma Rice and Dal Kadi and I was tired of exposing my taste buds to these two food items. Sometimes I would feel like running away to some good restaurant and eat. But I couldn’t afford it every day. So I learned to cook.  I would watch Food channels and note recipes. I would cook them and eat. That was the best thing that happened to me during my home away days. 

8. Movies

Who would not agree when I say that watching movies is a good stress buster. YES, it indeed it. I love watching movies. I go for movies solo and sometimes with friends. I love animation movies and romcoms. It will divert your mind away from work and destress you. 

9 .Dancing

King Julian of Madagascar loves dancing and so does everyone. It can create magic within seconds. Trust me it works. Of all the points I mentioned above, this is the most effective one. It is an instant stress killer. And so you can dance. If you don’t then you can, at least, try dancing. I like to Move it, move it! Do you like to?!

Story of Sathya

So I told you my favorite methods to kill stress. What about you? Share your favorite ways to kill stress. I would like to hear from you.

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