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Airtel 4G: Faster than the Fastest

As Mobile phone companies  rolls up new devices every month, its obvious that their intention is to ensure that the user has the world in  his pockets.  There is a need for speed. We live in the fast and the furious era where if we don’t get the determined internet speed, we get furious. Well gone are the days where you need to wait in front of the web page waiting for the icon next to the Uniform Resource Locator to finish loading. Within minutes, web pages load and that indeed is awesome. Earlier we used to download movies through various torrent seeds online. But those used to be a time consuming process as the download speed used to be less enough to download the movie within hours.  Well if I was granted unbelievable speed for my internet in form of Airtel 4G then I would do many things. 

I would never download movies via torrents. Instead I would watch great picture quality movies through Youtube and other Direct streaming websites. But the advantage of downloading movies is that you could save it to your drive. Low  internet speed often tests your patience and high speed can make you smile. I would download unlimited games on my phone for the amount of space it supports. I would download my favourite songs from various song download sites. You see there are lots of things that you could do. It all depends on your interest area. You interest areas and mine could differ. Airtel recently launched their 4G service. In fact its the first Telecom player to roll out 4 G Services in India. I have been seeing this commercial on TV where a cute girl with bob cut  wins a challenge where a set of tasks are given to two individuals  – one with a 3G connection and one with a 4 G. Obviously the girl with 4 G connection wins because of the high speed that it offers. Recently while I was travelling to my office, I met an Airtel Representative in the metro. He asked me to take the 4 G challenge. He asked me and my fellow passenger to take part in it. He gave me a 4G handset and gave the other guy a  3G phone. He asked us to download  Candy Crush game from google playstore. You would amazed to know that I downloaded the 56 MB game within 15 seconds and the other guy was struggling. It took him over 3 minutes to download the game. The representative gave us free 4 G SIM cards as a token of appreciation. That was a kind gesture. Luckily my dad has a 4g compatible mobile device so I gave the 4 G sim to my Daddy.  Like I said before, I love watching youtube videos on mobile and with too many youtube channels, I would definitely focus more watching more of those videos. I am a software professional and I need to be well versed and be upto date with the latest happenings with the technologies. I would use the high speed net for gathering  the latest happenings in the Software world through news vidoes and channels.  It would be a great option to have  high speed net. Trust me that would be the best fit anyone could ever get.  Airtel has  already rolled out 4 G across 296 cities in India. The best part is that 4 G is available at 3G prices. So you get a faster net at the same amount that you  used to pay for your 3 G net.  Isn’t that amazing? 

So you must be super excited after knowing about the 4G launch. So why not get one? Just Tweet #GetAirtel4G and you will get a  4G SIM. Airtel will do a free home delivery of your first 4 G Sim .So why are you waiting? Hurry up! The next big thing in the world of internet is here! Airtel 4G – Faster than the Fastest!

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