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Style tips for men: What’s hot in summers?

When we think about fashion, only a girl or trends related to girls pops up in our mind. What about men?

They love to dress up too, trying on possibly every fashion trend that comes up. Whether it is the trend of wearing low-rise jeans or a sexy stubble, men have followed it with their heart and soul. After all, fashion is not all about girls only so why should girls have all the fun.

Spring summer collection has paid a little more attention to men as well, giving them loads of options to try out, making others feel their presence. If you still haven’t got started with your summer season shopping, it is time for you to focus on it using these style tips for men.

Go raw with denims
How can you forget denims? They are the heart, body and soul of any men’s style trend regardless of the popular trend. Stone washed, rugged, ripped, or basic jeans are always in trend.
Story of Sathya

Wear denims with printed t-shirts, casual shirts or vest with open buttoned check shirt on it. Do not forget to add casual footwear with it. Your sandals, chappals or loafers will do the trick!

Check in with checks
Checks, stripes and gingham prints are not going anywhere this fashion season as well. Several fashion houses have incorporated them in their latest collection along with 70s trends so what are you waiting for.
Story of Sathya

Dig into the casual and formal shirts with checks, stripes and gingham prints. Do not forget to keep your body structure while buying stripes though.
You can include them in your casual as well as formal look so go forth and dig into it.

Be the prints charming
Whether it is floral or abstract, prints are the biggest feature of men’s fashion trend these days. From printed shorts to printed shirts, you can try them in any way. If you are worried about whether it will suit your personality or not, try out with printed beige shorts by pairing it up with t-shirts in solid colors or go vice-versa. It will be a perfect match for your beach look or casual summer look.

Story of Sathya

 Fashion apparels are not the only thing you need to focus onlooking fabulous. You need to pay a little more attention to your personal grooming for showing your true colors too.
Taking bath daily seems to be the most basic thing anyone can tell you, but it helps a lot. You need to maintain your personal hygiene to stay confident throughout the day. Moisturize well using a good quality moisturizer. No one likes to see a dull and dry skin. Find out your signature scent by trying several of them. When you smell delicious, it becomes easier to focus on other things.

Try out these style tips and grooming tips to turn heads on the street. Do not forget to accept yourself and feel comfortable in your own skin. It is the only key to self-made confident personality.

Author’s Bio:
Minakshi Pharswal is a blogger working with one of India’s leading online fashion destination. She has a keen interest in popular men’s and women’s fashion trend and style tips for different fashion season.

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