Story of Sathya

The Party Cycle

Party Cycle!!

Story of Sathya

 Its quite annoying at times when people  especially friends pester you numerous times to throw a party.Earlier days we would celebrate different occasions with friends and family by partying with  them. Party culture in today’s generation different things . A friend called me the other day and asked me if we could party together and I asked him the reason and I was speechless.He was bored and wanted to party with me.That was quite lame but sometimes we can’t really help.

Party Cycle

1.When you were born,everyone asked your dad for a party.

2.When you gradually started walking and talking ,there was scope for another party.

3.One more party when you started writing.

4.Another party when you started going to school.

5.A genuine party when you started scoring good marks. All these days your parents were under the axe and it was their sole responsibility.

6.When you entered college,cousins and school friends irk you

7.Again exams,entrance exams,degree college days etc and series of party.

8.Now after you pass university exams, a big party.

9.Sometimes when you flunk unfortunately, its time to share some sorrow.So that would be a booze party.(trust me i was involved in one such party πŸ˜€ )

10.All these while we forgot to mention the birthday party.

11.When you get into job,another party awaits.

12.When you get married ,one more party.

13. When you become a daddy/mommy …you have to throw a big  party .

14. Repeat Points 1 until 13.

Suresh – Bhai, that girl spoke to me!
Ramesh – Oh which chick man?
Suresh – that beautiful girl from Class D
Ramesh – Natasha?
Suresh – I proposed her…
Ramesh – then ..
Suresh – She accepted and now she is my girlfriend.
Ramesh – Oh then you need to throw me a party .

And there may be several other special occasions where we need to celebrate .But sometimes I feel that it is good to party and enjoy life but sometimes too much of partying is bad.So be responsible and good to others.Enjoy life and do well in life!. See ya!

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