Story of Sathya

Of Rice and Rotis

Story of Sathya
It really feels good coming back home. I’d been yearning to meet my folks and finally one day God heard me and I am back  home. So I was wondering  why do some people think that South Indians generally gorge on Rice and Sambhar. I’ve heard it several times from my friends who often say to me that “Bhai yeha rice nahi milne wali…abh kya hoga tera “ **As If I can’t live without Rice.

When did I say that I love Rice. See , I’m used to eating it because its been a part of our food .And to be honest I don’t think that every Southie  loves eating rice. To be frank I was tired of eating this but unfortunately I love it. It is our staple food like the Northies have their Roti’s. Unfortunately or Fortunately I’d been put up to North for over 1.5 years . When I left for the capital city ,my close comrades informed me that people there are very rude. Infact I find the opposite of what they used to tell me. They would say that Northies hate Southies. So as if I care. FYI I’m not even a Southie rather a fraud Southie. I have spend most of my life roaming across the streets of Mumbai and it is an integral part of my life where I was raised up. But it does matters where you belong. How  do I tell you how much I hate Noida and especially the food that was served to us at our office .Infact it is this sleep cycle of mine which almost ruined my health while I was in North. Third shift had given me ample of money in forms of Allowances but this was not good. Now that I’m back to General Shifts life seems to be good. So we were talking about Rice and Roti’s . I’ve had an equal dose of both since childhood.Our breakfasts generally featured 3 Rotis along with  some baaji’s. My sister and I would hate it but Mom would insist us to eat and her lectures would start if we didn’t ate. Rice would make you fat …especially the starch in that would but Roti on the other hand would not but for some wierd reasons it doesn’t makes me feel good. When you are hungry and if given only Rotis then would mean something vague. Any food without Rice is incomplete for me. I remember my friends in NCR Region saying that Rotis give them strength and it makes them healthy. They used to take 2 spoons of Rice for their lunch and on the other hand we would take 10 big spoons. But they would also take 7 Rotis and we would take 2. 

So a healthy diet should comprise of all kind of food. Avoid junk food. It is not good for health..Why on Earth have I started advicing like a doctor. Is it because of having too many friends from that field. Any way stay safe. And  FYI I even miss Rajma …offcourse I never touched it but people there would address me as ‘the guy who hates Rajma’ 😀  Eat healthy and Stay healthy

Story of Sathya 
A typical Sunday Brunch at our house. It consists of Rice ,Chicken Fry,Chicken gravy,Sambhar and Appalam(Papad).


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