Story of Sathya

Go Away my love!!

 Life was taken  aback as my loved ones left me. I met you at a time when I desperately  wanted to live life. It was a blissful moment everytime I lived with you. You never made me feel miss home. But today  you said it was all over. All over for me and all over for you. I’m not hurt or sorry but I am confident enough that I  don’t need you  anymore.I can fend for myself without anyones help.You think I  shall be flummoxed and give up. Why do you have to hurt me and leave me with all those scars?. Wouldn’t you love me anymore?. With pain and tears on my eyes I reminisce about the happy moments with you.

I’m hurt,I’m sad, I’m jinxed. You stole my love  by giving me the yellow balloon. Today that you have gone, I’m releasing this balloon from my life. Go away my love, go away balloon.

Life has made me strong enough  that I can fend for myself. 

Story of Sathya

Written for Thursday Tales

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