Story of Sathya

The ‘Expert’ Promoter…

Story of Sathya
Umm so you must be wondering what is this post all about.Well recently I met a sane blogger(doesn’t means other bloggers are insane). This fellow is special in his own way. He is one of the best blog/community promoter I’ve ever seen in my lifetime.
Ahem! Ahem! I will tell more about this blogger.He is the only person who thinks that he is scripted in sanity.LoL,may be he feels that he is some Barack of the blog world.This person owns a community called “Blog-o-Rat” in a famous social networking site. I love the amount of dedication he gives to Blog-o-Rat.Well I don’t want to offend anyone through this post.By gods grace and C’s sincere dedication Blog-o-Rat is going to cross 600 or may be 700 members.
I and C have many mutual bloggers friends and most of them know both of us very well.I probably guess or may be feel that he is doing his MBA in Marketing. *Tan taaa Taaainnnnn* Now I am going to write few things about C.One day ,I log into my orkut and find C’s mail.Hey there why don’t you fill in the member book.Finally I get time and fill the member book(some details about members).I joined Blog-o-Rat during its initial phases when the member strength was not even 100.We used to be regular at Blog-o-Rat.
In fact I met my sweetheart best blogger friend at Blog-o-Rat.Recently the community owner cum moderator Mr.C announced a contest.It was only then I felt that I am not the only Vela person on Earth.There are many like me.As I told ,we both have many mutual blogger friends.I just scrapped one of my friend for some work.I was really amazed to see C’s scrap on his scrap book.C scraps people only when he has got some work else he won’t.In fact I was amazed to see his dedication towards his blog.I then learned that he actually scraps everyone of that community.Wow!now I started admiring.I wish there was an auto scrapper which would ease C’s work. Wait,I can write a story on C.Later on I recollected few things that he told me.”I scrap all members of my community in fact 500 of them sending reminders about contest and all.Oh! Poor C..such a hard worker he is.*sniff sniff*Well I really wanted to write this since long,but I got time today..You see my Vela level is gradually decreasing. I’ve never scrapped people to join my community.If people like your community then they would join it…Why do you beg LoL.No worries I would rather prefer calling you a promoter.. You are the king of all promoters on Earth.I feel you should get a job in BPL mob,because they need promoters like you :P…may be you could get a lucrative offer.C is a seedha saadha insaan.In a contest if your friend is taking part then obviously you would atleast try to help him,But our C is unique and obviously different( I told you he is a sane blogger unlike us).I would vote for my friend.But on the other hand C would first analyze the list,scan through the topics and then vote for the best.He never cares for people.In fact when he begs oops sorry promotes ,he expects people to do his task LoL..such a frog he is…..grr I’m planning to stop here….Oh what about his promos,may be a part2 would do..

May God bless C, May C get all that he needs, May C promote all the blogs and communities. May Blog-o-Rat cross 10,000 members or may be more than that. May C remain like this forever,I mean this promo part.

C,I have this community of mine which is so dull and inactive.Would you mind promoting my community? As of now you scrap 500 members,you could even add my commn link on that scrap πŸ˜›
PS:I wrote this because you insisted me to write.I actually didn’t want to write this,but what to do such a wonderful friend you are.I thought I could promote you LoL…damn I feel like I am scripted insanity:P

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