Story of Sathya

A Frown….

I don’t know why few people derive pleasure by hurting others . Why don’t they understand others feelings and emotions?. Why do the play this cameo role in this business of hurting people?. Why do they fail to understand that fellow human beings are just like them and why to treat them as strangers?. Sibling rivalry may sound strange and new to you, but its existent in few families.I hate some one who calls me as a sibling. I wish I could live alone without any siblings to hurt me.I hate these people who make me angry and make me feel lonely. I feel like being thrown on a pit consisting of thorns. I feel isolated and solitary. There is no one aside me to support me and pat on my back to compliment me.People should try to simmer off the problems in a family ,but why are they doing everything against me. Don’t they have any sort of work ?. If one tries to analyze their problem ,there are several things which serve as a backlog for them. I don’t know why every word I speak turns out something against me.

Am I the source of all the problems that I face. I am just a larvae trying to metamorphise . I just want people to encourage and support me and not discourage me. I am left hurt and depressed. I don’t want to see those 3 months of pain and sufferings. If I get to see that again probably I won’t be here .For those were the days which I suffered the most.Today when I look back,my eyes shed tears.I feel like walking on broken peices of glasses. Walking on a road and of sudden I visualize a car throwing me off the road.My eyes are moist with tears when I am typing this.Take me to a place where I am surrounded by good people. For these are the people who pat on my back and compliment for all the good works I’ve done unlike others who just laugh at my failure.

Life is an enigma and thats what I feel at this point of time.At good times of utmost happiness ,they just act like your closed one.In this game of life ,I’ve met many such people . I hate some one who has been with me since 16 years. I don’t know why I am being targetted for the wrong reasons.I am sorry for this frown post.I am hurt, and probably this hurt would be associated with me forever.I am not waiting for this wound to heal as I reckon these wound won ‘t heal.I have these group of virtual mates to support me . In you I see all my well wishers and good friends.But,I’m afraid that I won’t be able to see you guys again.I am sorry for that.Everything depends on time.I pray that everything will be fine .I regret that I don’t have any one in real world to support me and stand aside me.They wait for opportunities so that one day they would push me in the deepest pit.I don’t want to upset my readers. I don’t want to transfer my frown to my readers for since childhood I am known as “the frown child“.I’m surrounded by failures all around me.I am sad and hurt.I am sorry for this post.I hate every one who provoked me to write this post.I am crying. Please stand aside me to wipe out my tears and support me.

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